A Standout Kia Soul has been Upgraded

A Standout Kia Soul has been Upgraded

For two generations of the car, the Kia Soul has captured our imagination with its unique style and presence on the road.

This vehicle is ready to enter its third generation on the market and it’s been reworked and improved while maintaining much of the style and presence that we’ve come to love and admire. If you’ve been thinking about the purchase of a Kia Soul, the 2020 model is on its way and will be the newest version of a car that we’ve admired for its style and its personality for several years.

A New Design on the New Kia Platform

The platform of the Kia Soul is brand new, which typically signifies a need to see a new look and design, but that’s not what you’ll find in the Kia Soul. Of course, there are some style changes, but the basic silhouette of this car remains the same and is able to give you the boxy shape you admire. If you’ve admired the Soul in the past, this new version is a car that can easily give you the fun and active drive you’ve been looking for when you want to take a drive.

The new looks of the Kia Soul show up mostly on the face of the vehicle. The front end has been reworked to give you a face that has slimmer and more aggressive headlights which span the entire width of the car. You’ll also see a bigger grill and exaggerated fenders to offer a complete look that appears to be a bit more serious on the road. This new front-end style is a fitting addition to a car that’s growing up and becoming more popular than it’s ever been with several generations of car shoppers.

Growth and Power for the Ride

The new Kia Soul is bigger than it was in the past. The car is 2.2 inches longer with a wheelbase that has grown by 1.2 inches. This allows you to have up to five cubic feet of additional cargo capacity which has grown to 23.8 cubic feet. The hatch opening in the rear is wider and lower than in the past to make it easier for you to load the gear you need to take with you. The powertrains and equipment offered to give you the power you want and the items that make the most sense to give you the ride quality you’re looking for.

Upgrading the Soul EV at the Same Time

Kia has also improved the Soul EV which will receive an electric motor with 201 horsepower and 291 lb.-ft. of torque. While we don’t know what the range of this motor will be, it will come standard with DC fast charging and a 64 kWh battery pack. This car offers four driving modes, paddle shifters for the regenerative braking, and four levels of aggression for your drive. More details about both versions of the 2020 Kia Soul will be revealed as we come closer to both vehicles being offered on the market.

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