Dealer's Journal Tesla Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in a Tesla

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in a Tesla

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in a Tesla

Tesla has come up with a new way to make sure your dog can remain safe in the vehicle while you’re in the store.

More reasons than ever before have been created for us to travel with our pets by our sides. Dogs are by far the most social and loyal companions we can have and many drivers will go everywhere with their pets. Unfortunately, unless registered as a service animal, there are still some places where you can’t take your dog when you drive around during the day. This can make it difficult to stop and know where you can go with your pet when you head out and complete the errands that are in front of you.

The Worst Situation for Your Dog

You and your furry friend want to enjoy the sunshine, the warm weather and may need to travel to a few places before stopping at the dog park or beach to have some fun. During those stops, you may need to leave your dog in the car for a period of time, and even if you leave the windows cracked open to let the breeze in, the car is going to get extremely hot. Additionally, we’re more aware than before of pets left in cars and one of the other shoppers at the store just might stop and break your windows to let your dog out.

Tesla has the Answer

This new feature is called Dog Mode and it allows the vehicle to remain at a comfortable 70 degrees on the inside regardless of the temperature on the outside. In order to make sure a Good Samaritan doesn’t break in to free your dog from this comfort, the massive infotainment screen displays a message on the center console to let them know the Dog Mode is on.

Dog Mode is meant for more than Just Dogs

The Dog Mode comes in the existing Cabin Overheat Protection system that’s offered in all Tesla models. This system comes on automatically when there’s an occupant in the car and the temperature is extremely high. This means that you could accidentally leave a small child behind in the car and know the car is going to keep them safe and at a comfortable temperature. This protection system allows you to avoid the detriment of coming back to the car and having a pet or child that has been permanently affected by the high temperatures.

A Generous Step Forward

We’ve seen other automakers create systems that help to remind you that there’s a child or items in the rear of the vehicle, but we haven’t had one that cares for your pet or child until now. The Dog Mode feature comes with the latest over-the-air update for Tesla which is coming out and ready to be used. This system will help you enjoy your Tesla Model 3 and know that you can let your dog stay in the car when you drive around town.

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