Dealer's Journal Kia A New Kia Concept Arrives With Unique Features

A New Kia Concept Arrives With Unique Features

A New Kia Concept Arrives With Unique Features

Kia showed off a teaser image of its new concept model and gave us the thought that the joke would be that this car has 21 small screens.

Once we look past the joke part of the conversation, the new concept is a car that certainly isn’t a joke and gives us an idea of what the Kia engineers and designers are thinking about when it comes to what we drive. This new concept has made its way to the Geneva Motor Show to let us have a look.

A Car You’ll Want to Drive from Kia

The thought process of this new concept model is to invoke the imagination and offer you the design and driving elements you’ve always wanted. This new car is called “Imagine by Kia” which starts the imagination in a big way. This car offers a swoopy shape, muscular style, and a ride that’s higher than what you’ll find on most of the Kia models. This concept model is an electric sedan that might be built to offer you the long-range you’re looking for when you drive.

Features Found in the “Imagine by Kia” Concept

Do you remember suicide doors? This is a car that has them. Does this mean we’ll see these doors show up if this car comes to production or will these doors be offered on the models we already know and enjoy? There’s a new logo presented which is more stylish than the one we have now. The front features a set of LED DRLs to frame the headlights as if this car is wearing a pair of glasses when the headlights are turned off. Up front, we also see a great Tiger Mask treatment on this Kia sedan.

Taking a deeper look at the new Imagine Concept, you find a roof and windshield that are made of a single piece of glass which is similar to the style of the Tesla Model 3. This new Kia concept also gives you a frunk and a trunk to make sure you can have more places to store the stuff you need to take with you. This new concept is riding tall and enjoys the benefits of 22-inch alloy wheels with acrylic glass inserts and bespoke Goodyear tires that offer you a new feature called IntelliGrip to detect road conditions and help the vehicle adjust accordingly.

Will the Production Line See the Imagine

There are so many features and aspects of the new “Imagine by Kia” concept model that it will likely never make its way to the production line. Even so, this new concept vehicle could very easily become one that’s used to influence the designs and the products that are offered in the future. We might not see the entire car, but we can certainly imagine some of these features being added to some of the models that we enjoy driving on a daily basis.

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