This Ford Fits Right for Your Escape

If you’ve been looking for the compact SUV that can offer you a quality drive and the comfort that you want, the 2019 Ford Escape has been waiting for you. This SUV is small, active, impressive, and offered with the quality features that you want when you head out for a drive. Step in and let this become the vehicle that allows you to Escape from the weekly grind and have a great time exploring the world during your weekend. You’ll be able to recharge and enjoy the activities you find when you choose the Ford Escape.

Versatility Matters and Ford Brings It

Many of the compact crossover SUVs on the market aren’t versatile but the Ford Escape certainly is. This SUV offers you a wide range of models, engines, options, and wheel designs to choose from to make sure you can have the vehicle that you want to enjoy on the road. The interior space is what you expect, but what you won’t anticipate is the fact that the Escape can tow a trailer that weighs up to 3,500 pounds behind it. Get in and let the Escape be the small SUV that leads to the big fun you want to enjoy.

New Names, Same Great Drive

The Ford team decided to move some names around and change a few things on the Escape to give you more of what you want. The SEL model now receives new fabric for upgraded comfort when you drive. The SE and SEL trims both add the benefits of remote start, one-touch up/down power windows, and Intelligent Access with push-button starting. The Sync connect telematics system is now renamed to be the FordPass Connect to give you the ability to have alerts sent to your phone so that you know what’s going on with your Ford Escape.

Driving the Ford Escape is Right for You

Get behind the wheel and feel the comfort and the quality of the 2019 Ford Escape that’s right for you to drive. This SUV has a full roster of driving aids that make it easier for you to have the drive you want on the road. You’ll love the active ride and the feeling you’ll have on the road. The Escape drives right and it’s the right size to fit wherever you need to go so that you can enjoy the ability to park everywhere without worrying about running into anything.

Ford is Ready to Let You Escape

You don’t need a massive vehicle to take you where you’re going to go when you want to get away for a weekend or have the experience you’re looking for on the road, all you need is the 2019 Ford Escape. This impressive compact SUV is the right one to give you the drive you’re after and make it easy for you to head out and have a great time. Check out the different choices that are offered and choose the Escape that has the features you need when you drive.