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The Top 5 Most Sold Used Cars of 2023

The Top 5 Most Sold Used Cars of 2023

Not all used cars are created equal, and drivers know that. Find out which ones won out in 2023 below.

Last Year’s Most Popular Picks

Although the prices of new vehicles are finally coming down in 2024, many drivers continue to buy used cars. Data from iSeeCars shows that last year, Americans purchased around 9.2 million used vehicles from model years 2018 through 2022.

Overall, around 35.9 million used cars left the lots. Some were much more popular than others, though. This article will review the top five most sold used vehicles of 2023.

1. Americans Still Love the Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Most people won’t be surprised that the Ford F-150 takes first place as the most-sold used vehicle in 2023. With a reputation for durability, engine strength, and surprisingly luxurious line-topping trims, the F-150’s continued popularity makes good sense.

Want a great deal? Look for a slightly older F-150. Anything from 2015 on will offer drivers the most modern features, plus improved fuel economy, towing, and payload. The 13th generation of F-150s are rated to tow up to 13,200 lbs and have max payload ratings of 3,300 lbs.

2. The Chevy Silverado Hung Onto Second Place

Chevy Silverado

The Ford F-150 may be America’s favorite light-duty truck, but the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 gives it a run for the money. The most popular Silverados are the 2018-2022 model years. Last year, the Silverado made up 2.9% of used vehicle sales.

A used Chevy Silverado 1500 from 2020 will be more fuel efficient than an F-150, at least at the entry-level. However, this generation of Silverado 1500s tops out at 9,800 lb, so drivers won’t get the same towing capacity.

3. Chevrolet Also Takes Third Place With the Equinox

Chevy Equinox

The Chevy Equinox is the first SUV on the list for 2023’s most frequently purchased used cars, representing 2.1% of the sales mix. In this case, the most popular models are one to five years old. The model year 2019 was particularly popular, likely because of its proven reliability.

All model years for the Chevy Equinox, including previous generations, are practical family SUVs. Many have fuel efficiency ratings approaching 30 mpg, all are safe, and most come with thoroughly reasonable price tags.

4. Ram 1500 Dropped a Spot

Ram 1500

When the Chevy Equinox came in at an unlikely third place, it displaced the Ram 1500 light-duty truck. However, the Ram 1500 remained popular, with around 193,000 used models sold in 2023.

Drivers who switched away from Ram in the ‘90s and early 2000s should know that more recent models don’t have the same issues. In fact, the present generation, which began in 2019, is known for quality, longevity, and power. It’s also the last generation to feature the V-8 Hemi.

5. Toyota Breaks Into the Top Five With the Camry

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has long been one of America’s most popular mid-size sedans, which means plenty of used models are available. Drivers are attracted to these used cars because of their reputation for longevity, but they are also reliable, comfortable, and affordable to maintain.

Today, the Camry is in its eighth generation. Drivers who want a snappier ride and more handsome interior styling should look for 2018 model years and above, but only if they are willing to pay premium prices.


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