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Bentley Turbo R – A Legacy of Elegance and Power

Bentley Turbo R - A Legacy of Elegance and Power

In the highest realms of the automotive world, Bentley is the sporty alternative to Rolls-Royce. The Bentley Turbo R is a shining example of this sportiness.

When you want function over form and modern standards and qualities, at the time it was built, the Turbo R stood tall at the top of the automotive world. This amazing machine brings impressive features and exquisite design, along with a powerful engine and excellent handling. The simplicity of the boxy shape defines what this 90’s creation brought to the world.

Smooth elegance with incredible power

The Turbo R produced impressive power figures, but that doesn’t mean it was a crass and crude sports sedan. Quite the opposite; in fact, this incredible car was indulgent, classy, and elegant in every way. When inside, you’re shielded from the challenges of the road, which makes this one of the most useful and impressive luxury sedans at the top of the market. The impressive V8 engine produces top-end power figures, making it easy to admire the blend of elegant comfort and raw power that comes from this Bentley sedan.

Get lost in the cabin of the Turbo R

The Bentley Turbo R was crafted and built at the same facility in Crewe as many Rolls-Royce sedans. This gives the Turbo R a leg up in terms of quality and craftsmanship. The cabin features the highest quality woods, leather, and instrumentation at the time of its creation. This impressive sports sedan has the top features and makes it easy for everyone inside to be comfortable. The high-quality interior is part of why the Turbo R lasted 12 years.

Its an affordable sedan today

Although the Turbo R called for nearly $200,000 when it was new, the massive depreciation to this high-end luxury car means you can have one for little more than the price of a new hatchback today. You could find a 1991 version for as little as $13,500, which means you’re living high on the hog while paying rock-bottom prices (put that in a car commercial voice, if you will). This is one of the few cars that didn’t maintain its value in a way that matched its initial price.

A supremely smooth ride

The Bentley Turbo R practically floats on the road as if a cloud riding along in traffic. This car features a fully independent coil-spring suspension with a self-leveling hydropneumatics system in the rear. This creates an extremely comfortable ride that makes this car feel great. The large cabin makes the Turbo R comfortable and great for a family that can experience amazing road trips together. Imagine the smooth feeling of driving this Bentley down the highway on your way to your favorite weekend destination.

The power was great for the time

When the Turbo R was produced, it made good power for the time. This meant 296 horsepower coming out of the 6.75-liter V8 engine. As the years went on, this engine was improved to deliver 330 horsepower, which put this car in the realm of some impressive sports cars that came after. As a large sedan, you might not expect good sprint figures, but this Bentley sedan could hit 60 mph in 6.6 seconds, which was pretty good. The top speed was set at 140 mph, making this sedan an impressive choice for power and speed.

Timeless exterior styling elegance

The large, boxy, and elegant style of the Bentley Turbo R is one of the most timeless looks we see in the luxury car world. This car looks every bit as luxurious as a Rolls-Royce but wears the flying B of Bentley. The elaborate body styling, amazing use of chrome, and signature grille give this car a beautiful style that we can easily admire. The simplicity of the look gives the Turbo R a sophisticated feeling on any road.

This car was developed into a racing machine

One racing team from Phantom Motors transformed the Turbo R into a racing machine. Using a detuned twin-turbocharged engine, they created a version of this car that produced 530 horsepower with the possibility of reaching 700 horsepower. This highly modified car also included an improved suspension, roll cage, and had most of the luxury elements of the cabin removed before heading to the track.

The Bentley name has bee around since 1919 and the Turbo R is only one of the impressive examples of how this brand marries power and elegance to create some of the highest-level luxury machines on the road. The Turbo R has the provenance of the brand name while delivering the sportiness desired.

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