The Hyundai Accent is More than a Commuter Car

Hyundai Accent

When you’re looking for an inexpensive car that can be great for your daily commute or to give to a new driver in your family, the Hyundai Accent is a great choice.
This little car fits everywhere, is fuel efficient, and it makes for an easy car to drive. In addition to being an easy choice for you to have the drive you want to enjoy every day, this little car can offer you the benefits you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. Choose the Accent and let it be the little car with the big personality for you.

Looking Good in the Accent

Too often we see small cars that look like they were an afterthought of the manufacturer. The Hyundai Accent is certainly not a car that was left behind or thought of at the end of the process. This car is attractive, capable, and right for your budget. When you want a small car that has more of the standard features that you’ll want to enjoy on the road, the Accent Limited model could be the perfect choice for you to have the right trim and the right small car.

Take a Drive and Feel the Hyundai Difference

While you won’t find a large engine under the hood of the Hyundai Accent, what you will find is a car that has the peppiness and the fun factor in place. This car can handle corners with ease and offer you the acceleration you’re looking for. Push the sport button when you see a stretch of open road ahead of you and let this little car be a bit more fun for you when you’re ready to have a great drive. You’ll be amazed by what the Accent has for you.

Items You’re Sure to Love in the Accent

Do you want to enjoy the ability to connect your smartphone and see the apps that you use presented to you? Of course you do, and the Hyundai Accent offers you the benefits of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make sure you can have what you’re looking for. You’ll also enjoy the protection of the lengthy standard warranty which is five-years/60,000-miles along with the powertrain warranty that will keep you protected on the road for ten-years/100,000-miles of great driving when you take this amazing car for a drive.

Enjoy the Cabin of the Hyundai Accent

You can easily take five people on the road in the Hyundai Accent and everyone will feel comfortable and enjoy the drive. The materials and supportive seats make for a quality ride to ensure you can have the experience you’re looking for. In the back, there’s a 13.7 cubic foot trunk that will carry the items with you that you need to take along. The rear seats fold in a 60/40 fashion to make sure you can take longer items with you when you need to use the pass-through area coming from the trunk.

Choosing the Right Trim is Easy

When you visit your nearby Hyundai dealership, it will be easy to find the right Hyundai Accent to drive. You can have the least expensive model and drive the SE trim, but if you want to have more features, you’ll want to move up to the SEL or Limited trim levels. Enjoy a sunroof, LED lights, automatic climate controls, heated front seats, push-button starting, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a list of excellent safety features in the Limited trim. This is the model that has more of what you’re looking for when you want to make this little car the right one for you to drive.

The Right Hyundai Accent is Waiting

Make your way to see the Hyundai dealership in your area and find the right Hyundai Accent for the driving experience that you want to enjoy every day. This is where you’ll be able to see the Accent you want and have a fantastic drive that you can enjoy on the road. There’s a lot more quality in this little car than what you expected to find in a car of this size and price. Get behind the wheel and bring the Accent that you’re going to drive every day home with you today. This is the car that has what you’ve been looking for.

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