10 Cars to Rent for a Great Track Day Experience

10 Cars to Rent for a Great Track Day Experience

If you’ve made a bucket list and racing around a track is on it, you’ll want to choose one of the best track day rentals to drive. Which car will that be?

When you’re an inexperienced track driver, a high-powered supercar isn’t what you should drive when you’re going to let loose on the track. Of course, if that’s what’s on your bucket list, go right ahead. Instead of one of the top exotics for the fun of track driving, you could have a lot of fun with something more your speed.

Grab a Hot Hatch for a Hot Day of Fun

Don’t get disappointed when you want to drive track day rentals and you don’t see a lineup of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches waiting for you. Those cars are out of your league right now. As a track driving novice, the right car for you could be a Ford Fiesta ST. Yes, this car is small, uses a small engine, and doesn’t sound like much, but it can be a ton of fun. The Fiesta ST is a firecracker on the track and one of the top driving hot hatches you’ll find.

Maybe the Honda Civic Si Will be Right for You

Another car that’s a lot of fun while being relatively easy to drive is the Honda Civic Si. You won’t have to deal with all of the dials, controls, and settings of the supercars with this little beauty. The Civic SI has a wonderful engine and transmission, and it gives you a light and nimble chassis that makes it fun on any track. Get ready for hours of track fun when you rent this car and push it hard.

Nissan Performance You’ll Admire

Most track day rentals won’t include the latest Nissan Z, but you could find the 370Z or 350Z waiting for you. The Z car history of excellence makes for some serious fun when you head out on the track to experience what they bring. You’ll have an impressive V6 engine and some amazing steering when you choose this car. This could be the perfect car for you to turn some fast laps. If you have access to the Nissan Z car, you might want to schedule several dates at your local track.

The Small and Sporty Fun of the Toyota and Subaru Collaboration

Toyota offers the 86, and Subaru has the BRZ, which are mechanical twins and a pair of small sports cars that are truly a joy to drive on any track. You’ll want to find a track with lots of twists and turns when you’re ready to see how fast you can turn a lap with one of these amazing little cars. No, they aren’t the most powerful, but they are a lot of fun to drive.

The Mazda Miata is an Obvious Choice

Visit a track with lots of turns and see what cars are offered as track day rentals. If one of them is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, this is a car that can be a lot of fun when you start turning laps. The Miata has the perfect balance of steering, suspension dynamics, and fun, making it one of the best cars that you can drive on any track in the world. Hopefully, the Miata you drive will have a manual transmission.

Could the Honda S2000 Give You the Fun You Desire

A classic car that offers the same balance as the Miata is the Honda S2000. This car not only brings the balance you want, but it also offers 100 more horsepower, making it a lot more fun on the track. This is a sweet spot in the mix of cars that you want to drive and enjoy when it’s time to hit the track for a great day. How fast will you drive the Honda S2000 during your track day run?

Why Not Drive the Ultimate Driving Machine

One of the most interesting and impressive cars to drive is the BMW 3-Series. Shouldn’t this car be one of the track day rentals offered? It most likely is and can give you the fun and active ride you’ve been looking for. When only a truly athletic car can be the right choice for your fun, the BMW 3-Series is the car you want. Of course, if you want serious power, ask for the M3.

Does Subaru Offer Another Car Worthy of Track Performance?

Yes, the Subaru WRX STI is one of the most fun and active cars to take to any track. This car is easy to toss about in the corners, rip off some fast runs in the straights, and drive fast and hard for as long as you like. Get in and let this car show you what it means to be a lot of fun. The WRX STI is an incredible car that can put a huge smile on your face every time you turn a fast lap.

There’s At Least One Porsche that Fits in this Class

You might be shocked to see the Porsche Boxster among the track day rentals, but it has the right stuff to be a great drive for beginners. This little Porsche has enough power to be a lot of fun without overwhelming you on any track. You’ll love the power, performance, and driving manners offered that allow you to run some seriously fast laps at your favorite track. Get ready to experience the glorious fun offered by this amazing little Porsche.

You Should See a Chevy Muscle Car in the Mix

The Chevrolet Camaro is a car that makes driving on any track a lot of fun. It’s highly likely the track will have the 1LE package on this car, which is made for fun on the tarmac. There might be a few Camaros to choose from, giving you power options and some great ways to enjoy the drive around the track of your choosing. How fast will you push this incredible muscle car?

These are just ten of the track day rentals you might find waiting for you. Of course, some tracks do have those high-powered exotics, but they might be a little too much for a first-timer at the track.

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