Make the Car Donation that Makes a Difference

Car Donation

When you have a car that you don’t need any longer, making a car donation to a worthy organization can make a huge difference.
Rather than donating your car to a place that will scrap it for the metal value, let your old car have a new life and be used as a teaching tool to make a serious impact in the lives of those that need the support.

Your Old Car is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

How can an old car make a huge impact on others? It can if you make a car donation to the Newgate School and let them turn that car into something useful. Whether your car runs or not, whether it can be repaired or not, doesn’t matter to the team at the Newgate School. Your old car can be used in a variety of ways to improve lives in your area.

Make a Car Donation of a Car that Doesn’t Run

If your old car doesn’t run any longer and you don’t want to spend the money to have it repaired, turn it into a car donation for the Newgate School. This school will take your old car that isn’t working and either fix it up and make it work again or they will break it down and use the different parts to teach students how to work on vehicles and what to look for in a car that might not be working right.

How Does the Newgate School Use a Car that Isn’t Functional?

Students at the Newgate School are the next generation of automotive technicians. The reason the school takes your car donation and turns it into a teaching tool is because the school is for low-income adults. No student ever pays for tuition at this school and all can learn from a car that isn’t working right at all. Students get hands-on experience with your car donation.

Your Car Donation of a Working Vehicle

Do you simply have a car that you want to donate because you don’t need it? Make the car donation to the Newgate School and let them make use of the car in a way that will help students learn and benefit others in the community. The instructors of the Newgate School will aid students in the inspection process to ensure your old car has everything needed to feel like a new model to the next owner.

Avoiding Tuition Costs with Your Car Donation

One way the students of the Newgate School continue to be able to attend the school without paying any money in tuition costs is through the use of your car donation. Once a car is fixed and is working properly, the school will sell the car at a private auction to add money to the school funds and continue to offer the programs free-of-charge.

Cars are Donated to Wheels for Women

Another way your car donation can make a huge difference to others in the area is with the Wheels for Women program. Through this program, the team at the Newgate School will take your old car, make sure it works right, and donate it to this program. This program allows single mothers to have a vehicle that drives right and helps them enjoy the freedom of having a car.

Can You Benefit from Making a Car Donation?

While others are benefiting from the car you no longer need, you would like to have at least a small benefit for yourself. This is an easy part of making a car donation. The car you donate is a tax deduction that you get to take when you file your taxes next year. The value of that deduction is directly tied to the value of your vehicle.

Get a Better Tax Deduction with Your Car Donation

You could make a car donation to other organizations and only receive scrap value for the tax deduction because the organization will have your old car junked and receive funds for the value of the metal. Another option is to let the team at the Newgate School offer you fair value for the donation based on how your car is used.

The Most You can Get

There are different tiers of car donation values offered when you bring your car to the Newgate School. If your car is scrapped, used for parts, and is only used as a training tool, you’ll receive the lowest amount, but it still more than what it would be if you were to donate it to an organization that will simply scrap the vehicle and take the metal value.
Moving to a car that’s fixed up and donated to the Wheels for Women program, you’ll receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the car. Make your car donation and let your old car become a new ride for someone else that needs it. This generous gift will benefit you in the end and make it possible for you to take a larger tax deduction when you file your taxes next year.
If your car donation is a vehicle that becomes one that’s sold by the Newgate School, you’ll receive the largest possible value for your tax deduction. Vehicles that fall in this category have to be running and easy to sell by the school. Your old car could be one that’s sold and is purchased by a new owner to benefit the students of the school, the new owner, and you all at the same time.

The Newgate School has the Expertise for Your Car Donation

Don’t worry about the title work that needs to be completed when making a car donation. The staff of the Newgate School is experts at handling the title process and will make it easy for you to have the tax deduction certificate you’ll need when filing your taxes next year. Bring your old car and the title to this school and let your old ride make a difference in many lives.

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