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Make a Cash Donation to These Minneapolis Charities

Cash Donation to Minneapolis Charities

There are plenty of good works going on in and around the city of Minneapolis. Many of these efforts are focused on educational programs for the youth and families in the community. Their success depends solely on help from cash donations from you.

We all know the opening line from that tune, “I believe that children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way…” That’s just what these organizations seek to accomplish; but it does indeed take a village to help a child.

From providing the absolute basics, like food, shelter, and fundamental education, to teaching critical trades that allow a path to stable careers and self-sufficiency, these charities are actively making the Minneapolis community better every day.

We’ll highlight a few critical Minneapolis charities that go far in setting our younger generations up for a brighter future, which in turn helps all of us to grow stronger.

The Minneapolis Community and Technical College Foundation, Inc.

This nonprofit college foundation seeks to provide financial assistance and educational support for students to attend Minneapolis College. Through donations from the community, they have significantly increased access to higher education. This charity has a direct impact on many lives over the years through their invaluable support for the community and enhancement of workforce readiness in Minneapolis, MN.

Kids Home International

Here we have a nonprofit organization that looks out for the most vulnerable among us: our children. Through providing healthcare, education, and housing for homeless and orphaned children, they lift up the Minneapolis community one child at a time. Their goal is to instill a healthy development of the mind, body, and spirit so that these children may realize their full potential in a world that might otherwise turn them away. These children need help to stand a fighting chance in this world. Cash donations keep the Kids Home going on their path to help each one of these precious souls. When it comes down to it, is there anything more important? We think not.

The Newgate School

This nonprofit trade school adds value to the Minneapolis community in several ways. Through cash donations and tax-deductible car donations, the Newgate School provides free mechanic and auto body repair training young adults. The vehicles given to the school become the subject of practical, hands-on training to teach specific repair skills and techniques to their students. As long as we drive cars, they will need repair and maintenance, meaning these individuals can have a stable future in a strong and crucial field of employment. What’s more, donated vehicles that can be restored to proper working condition are then donated right back to the community; serving Newgate’s vital Wheels for Women program that provides struggling, single moms access to reliable vehicles of their own; benefiting their professional prospects, and of course, their children.

Donate and Make a Difference Today

These local Minneapolis charities go a long way in directly helping their community. They are easy to work with, and easy to care about. You can feel good about donating, knowing that your contributions will directly help those in need in the Minneapolis area and beyond. They meet many of the simple basic needs in life that most of us likely take for granted on a daily basis. They provide an invaluable service to us all, but they need your help to maintain such positive outcomes.

We welcome you to learn more about these specific nonprofit organizations, as well as those making a positive impact in your specific area. You can see exactly how your cash donation to Minneapolis charities helps others in need. That’s proof positive that community works better together.

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