An Amazing Design Built for NASCAR Speed from Toyota

An Amazing Design Built for NASCAR Speed from Toyota

The NASCAR Xfinity Series is where we’ve seen the Toyota Camry racing around the track for a few seasons but not any longer.

The actual racing car and the midsize sedan that we love every day didn’t have much in common, but the new model from Toyota just might have a lot in common with the car that’s entered into the NASCAR circuit. The new car that we’ll see from Toyota will wear the Supra name and it’s going to bring a design that actually looks more like the car that will be offered when the production model arrives.

A Name that Makes Sense

Consider the brands that run around the track at NASCAR which are Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. The Ford brand allows the NASCAR race cars to wear a Mustang name while the Chevrolet models wear the Camaro badge proudly. Unfortunately, for many years, the Toyota brand hasn’t had a true sports car that we recognize in the US as the one that could be shown off on the track. The closest car to the size of a NASCAR Xfinity car was the Camry and as such, the name has been used for a few years but no longer.

More Than Just a Name for this Toyota

In order to create a Supra NASCAR body that looks more like the actual car itself, the team at the Calty Design Research studio offers a design that shows off an extremely pronounced nose on the front. The first design offered showed a snorkel on the front that stuck out a few inches and made the car look interesting but was too large. The team went back to the design board and came up with a design that conforms to all the rules in order to make sure the car will offer an excellent look when it arrives on the track.

The bottom of the front of the car is a common item that’s offered on all NASCAR bodies and is common across all three manufacturers. If this part is so common, what makes it so different for this car? The fact is, this is the first one of these cars that has the area above the air ports sticking out past the top surface, and the team at Toyota had to make sure it wasn’t a build that would break any rules when it arrived on the track.

Drivers Considered by Toyota

Because this version of the Toyota Supra NASCAR Xfinity Series car is one that looks different and has a variety of surfaces that change the way this car cuts through the air, the Toyota team had to bring in the drivers to make sure this car would be fine for the bump drafting that takes place. All drivers approved the build and only asked that Toyota make sure it’s strong enough for them to make sure it’s not smashed into pieces during a race. Now that’s it’s been approved, we’re going to see this excellent model on the track to have a look at what the new NASCAR Toyota Supra has for us to admire.

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