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The Ram Rebel TRX has a Specific Target

The Ram Rebel TRX has a Specific Target

The trucks shown in the video are the new Ram Rebel TRX models that have been taken for testing in the Michigan SilverLake Sand Dunes area.

Previously, this truck was only spotted testing on the streets in Detroit and Arizona. This video was taken to give us a look at this prototype that will be offered by Ram in the near future and this truck has one specific target in mind when it comes to the capability desired.

The Ram is Nearly Ready

Among the trucks that you see in the video, you’ll see a Ford F-150 Raptor which is the target truck for the Ram Rebel TRX. The idea of testing this truck on the same terrainthat the Raptor handles with ease is to allow the Rebel TRX to show off what it can do. The Rebel TRX is the first truck from FCA that’s being fitted with the Hellcat engine which allows us to continue to see how FCA wants to stuff this engine into as many different vehicles as it possibly can.

The Rebel TRX Should Give Us Typical Numbers

Just because FCA stuffed the Hellcat engine into the Ram Rebel to create the TRX concept doesn’t mean we’re going to lose any power. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine is still expected to produce 707 horsepower and it will make use of a ten-speed automatic transmission to give us the shifting we want and the capability that we’re looking for in a great truck. The power numbers are impressive and the new wheel pattern is as well. The Rebel TRX is now shown with rear wheels that have an eight lug pattern to give us bigger wheels.

We’ll Learn More Soon

The group of Ram Rebel TRX models that were caught testing showed us ten that were donned in white paint and thirty that were painted in black. One of the test models is said to have been powered by the incredible 840-horsepower Demon engine to show off an amazing level of power for the fun on the dunes, trails, and off-road areas. There’s expected to bea traditional shifter on the center tunnel rather than a dial shifter. We may also see a Rebel TR which will use a 7.0-liter V8 engine that produces 520 horsepower for the ride.

A Ride that Will Amaze You from Ram

Regardless of whether or not the Ram Rebel TRX does offer more for your drive than the Ford F-150 Raptor, this new off-road truck will be one that can give you the fun and active drive that you want to experience when you head out on the trails. Let this truck be the one that you take home and put to work once it arrives on the market. Right now, we’re being promised this truck by 2022 to give Ram time to make all the changes needed and make it possible for us to have more conversations regarding this impressive truck before it arrives. Stay tuned and learn more about the Rebel TRX over the next couple of years.

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