Amazon Alexa is Expected to Be in Cars Soon

Amazon Alexa is Expected to Be in Cars Soon

Amazon Alexa has taken over home thanks to Amazon’s smart assistant devices, now, Amazon is ready to expand into your car.

Echo Auto

In true Amazon takeover fashion, Amazon is working on giving drivers easy access to their smartphones via Echo Auto. Echo Auto was first mentioned back in 2016, but the device has yet to ship. The plan is to have full Alexa functions available in your car via the Alexa app on your smartphone. Alexa can work with Apple Maps and Waze, so you can easily have Alexa find you the best route to work on a congested morning. In the future and theory, you could also have Alexa reorder your Amazon favorites, saving you time.

While customers await Echo Auto, Amazon is already working to take Alexa further. The goal is to have Alexa embedded in cars. Because who doesn’t want the convenience of Alexa everywhere you go? It makes sense that that’s Amazon’s end goal because the Echo Auto is still an additional device that needs to be plugged into your car to let Alexa function correctly. So that added device may be a drawback for drivers who only want to deal with one device, their smartphone.

Amazon isn’t the Only Player in the Automotive Industry

Of course, Amazon isn’t the first company to dive into the automotive industry. Apple and Android have slowly made their way into many popular makes and models with their connectivity software, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. This software makes it easy for users to connect their devices and go hands-free, which in turn helps keep distracted down. Amazon would be the first to take their smart assistant where no smart assistant has gone before. Amazon is paving the way and opening the doors for others like Google and Apple to go further. Expansion and innovation are tough jobs, but someone has to start the race, right?

Will You Buy an Echo Auto?

LS: 7-30-19Another device is headed your way, but is it one you think you want? If you’re a diehard Amazon customer and use Alexa at home to make your life easier, it makes sense to want to have Alexa with you on your way to work, on vacations, and wherever else you’re headed that day. But maybe you don’t use a smart assistant at home and don’t see the need for Alexa in your car. Either way, you can still choose until Amazon reaches its goal of full car integration.

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