Clean Your Car and Let it be a Safe Haven

Clean Your Car and Let it be a Safe Haven

You need to allow your car to be the place you want to be.  Clean your car and create a safe space that will be perfect for you and your family.

We’re dealing with a time in our lives that we’ve never seen before. Unless you are over a century old, you’ve never had the scare of a global viral pandemic that has its grips in every area of our lives right now. There are some of us that still need to leave home to go to work or to get the items needed for our families. Your vehicle should be a place where you can feel safe and free of contracting the COVID-19 disease which has the world scared.

Make Commuting Safe

You don’t want to drive your vehicle with the gloves and mask on that you’re wearing in the stores and at your workplace. You truly don’t want to wear these things if you’re in the medical field and you have to use your car for your daily commute. Here are some cleaning tips that will help you avoid bringing this virus into your vehicle:

Get Out the Vacuum

Many of us forego cleaning our vehicles on a regular basis and vacuuming is one of the things we avoid doing. Because COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to three days, we need to get rid of the visible mess that could be where this virus is lurking. Get out the vacuum and eliminate the visible dirt and debris that could attract the microbes that can infect you.

Sanitize High-Touch Areas

There are many areas of your vehicle that you touch many times during your drive. These surfaces need to be clean and free of germs that could cause you to get sick. COVID-19 can cause exposure with the first contact with this disease, which means you need to sanitize all high-touch areas of your vehicle. Make sure you sanitize the steering wheel, AC controls, and any buttons or areas that you touch every time you drive. Bleach or disinfecting wipes can get the job done for you.

Deep Clean the HVAC System

Use a spray cleaner that’s made for your AC system and you can get it clean. You need to clean both ends of the system and make sure your air filter is clean and free of debris as well. Remove the rubber seal near the windshield and clean out the intakes with the AC on full blast and the cleaner moving through it. Clean the vents inside the vehicle as well and make sure the entire system is clean.

Sunshine Might Help

We do know that UV rays destroy some pathogens, and we’re hoping this is the case for COVID-19. Unfortunately, your vehicle may have a glass that has a UV blocker on it to make sure it doesn’t make its way through. If this is the case, putting your vehicle in the sun to bake off the virus won’t do any good at all.

Clean your car and make it a safe place where you don’t have the potential of contracting COVID-19, and help keep your family safe from harm. Your vehicle can be a safe and clean place away from this virus where you can feel confident and relaxed.

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