Dealer's Journal Accessories 6 Things Every Delivery Driver Needs in Their Car Now

6 Things Every Delivery Driver Needs in Their Car Now

6 Things Every Delivery Driver Needs in Their Car Now

When you are a delivery driver for Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, or Grubhub, you need to have some items in your car.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your car behind the wheel and you want to make your deliveries more efficient and your time easier. Make sure you have these six items at your disposal.

Phone Mount

There nothing more important to a delivery driver than a good phone mount. This item allows you to have your smartphone right where you can see it to make sure you can have the directions you need, the communication you’re looking for, and entertainment you’ll enjoy during your deliveries. Find a mount that gives you the flexibility and security needed to handle the grueling drive you make every day.

Car Charger and Cable

If you spend hours on the road every day, you will need to keep your phone charged and this can be accomplished using a car charger and the right power cable. If your car has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you’ll want to have a charger to get connected and make your time behind the wheel easier. This is a must-have item when you’re a delivery driver that has to take food around town.

Dash Cam

You might see things happening on the road that other drivers won’t see. As a delivery driver, your office is the road and you need to make sure you have the view that can be used if you’re ever in trouble. A dash cam can be one of the most important tools if you have customers that claim you didn’t bring their stuff or you’re in an accident during your time at work on the road.


Save your phone battery and have a backup plan in case you need a light because your car breaks down or you need to find your way around when walking up a path. The right flashlight can make it easy for you to feel secure as a delivery driver because you know you have the lighting features necessary to see where you’re going when bringing deliveries to your community.


As a delivery driver, you need to be prepared for the sunny days and the wet days. The sunny days can be better when you have a great pair of sunglasses to keep the glare and brightness from getting into your view. A pair of polarized sunglasses are going to help you see everything you need to so that you can enjoy the view around you during your time on the road.

Insulated Bags

Many of the restaurants you drive for won’t have insulated bags to send the food to customers. Some of the services provide them, but not all. A set of insulated bags will make you the best delivery driver for hot food in your area. You can keep the food hot for your customers when you take the item from the restaurant and bring it to the customer. This shows the professionalism and care that you want to offer your customers when you’re on the road.

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