Dealer's Journal Kia Kia Telluride Makes its Debut at Your Local Dealer

Kia Telluride Makes its Debut at Your Local Dealer

Kia Telluride Makes its Debut at Your Local Dealer

The Kia brand has been one that has grown over the past few decades from being a bargain brand to one that has a number of amazing models for you to admire and respect. Even so, one part of what we long for when it comes to the drive has been missing from the Kia lineup. If you want to drive a full-size SUV, you’ve had to shop at other dealerships because Kia hasn’t had anything larger than the Sorento offered in the lineup. Thankfully, the brand has recognized this omission and has offered a solution with the Kia Telluride SUV.

The Kia Telluride is here

The plans for the new Kia Telluride started to come to fruition several months ago. The current expectation is that this large SUV will make its way to the market for the 2020 model year. Recently, this impressive SUV has been seen out on the roads in the testing model showing off its production grill and other parts of the front end. Much of the testing mule was covered in camouflage, but enough of it was visible to give us an idea of just what this SUV could be.

The Telluride is one that we saw at a few auto shows and makes its way to the nearly ready production model. This impressive SUV is expected to be offered with three rows of seats and offer us a boxy shape, a wide stance and size, and an upright look and feel. This amazing SUV could be the one that you choose to drive with your family because it will have room for eight people to sit and ride while also giving you an abundance of cargo room behind the rear seat.

Features of the Telluride

Even though the Kia team is foreign to building a large SUV, the Hyundai group has created the Santa Fe that we’ve loved for many years. The new Telluride will ride on the same platform as the current Santa Fe and it will most likely feature the 3.5-liter V6 engine offered by Kia or it could make use of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. When the concept version made its way across the stage it was powered by the larger engine and was said to have 400 horsepower with the aid of an electric motor.

While we don’t know if Kia is seriously considering the use of a hybrid powertrain for the production model, we know this SUV showed up for the 2020 model year and be shown off as the production-ready version later this year or in the early part of 2019. Expect to see plenty of family conveniences in this SUV such as cupholders, cargo space, USB ports in the front and rear, and the infotainment system that will make sure you have the connectivity you’re looking for. Kia is adding this impressive model to the lineup to make sure you have another choice when shopping for a full-size SUV. See the Kia Telluride at your local Kia dealer, take it for a test-drive, and prepare to be impressed.


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