The Last of a Pair of Dodge Models Go to One Buyer

The Last of a Pair of Dodge Models Go to One Buyer

Recently, the Barrett-Jackson auction took place in Connecticut and it was the scene of the closing out of an era for Dodge.

As a brand that has been able to bring us vehicles that have tickled our imagination for many years, this was the location where a pair of Dodge models were sold that signify the final pair of two models from this brand. The last of the Dodge SRT Challenger Demon and Dodge Viper models were auctioned off and went as one sale to the bidder who chose to pay a huge price for the pair.

The Ultimate Last Chance Drew the Right Price

Marketing and sales go hand in hand and the more attractive a sale can be the easier it can be to market. The pair of Dodge models were called the “Ultimate Last Chance” and with no news of there ever being another model of either the Demon or Viper created it certainly was that. Both cars were painted in the same Viper Ride paint at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario. This is notable because this particular color isn’t offered for the Challenger as part of the normal color palette.

The Viper Red color is the shade that was used in the first generation of the Viper that showed up in the early part of the 1990s to give us the first of the ultimate performance models for the track that bore this name. Each of the two vehicles not only came with this signature paint color, but both had several pieces of Mopar memorabilia, authentication kits with the custom build sheets, authenticity letters, and certification cards. The buyer that bid and won these two gorgeous sports cars also received iPads with videos and photos of the cars.

The Power That’s Part of History

With more cars becoming built that are powered by smaller engines, sports cars that make use of massive V8 and V10 engines are becoming a thing of the past. The Demon makes use of a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that can pump out 840 horsepower while the Viper is fitted with the classic 8.4-liter V10 and the ability to be a car that’s truly made to be driven on the track. Whether the owner of these two cars will take them to the track and let them run or simply show them off around the country, these two are certainly part of a dying era.

The pair of era-ending Dodge sports cars that made their way to this auction pulled in an excellent price of a full one million dollars. The money collected for this auction sale is all going to the United Way to support some of the programs that are part of an organization that’s helped so many people for a long time. Everyone comes out a winner in this auction, the buyer has two special cars, and the United Way now has more money to fund its programs.

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