Use the Ram ProMaster When You Need to Get Things Done

Use the Ram ProMaster When You Need to Get Things Done

When it’s time to have a van that can be put to work to help you with your job, the Ram ProMaster is the work van that you want to drive.

You can configure the cargo area of this vaninmany different ways and have everything you need for the tools and materials that you’ll carry with you every day.

Experience the Right Drive in this Van

The layout of the ProMaster is anFWD version that gives you the traction and stability you need on the road. You’ll enjoy the new crosswind assistance that is present to help you from being blown all over the road. The steering is predictable and it makes driving right when you’re behind the wheel. Get inside and enjoy the capability and stability offered with this work van.

This Van is All About Utility

When you have a big commercial van you don’t expect to have comfort when you’re out on the road. The Ram ProMaster delivers on the comfort you want so that you can feel right driving this van all day long when you’re taking items where they want to go. You can choose from three wheelbase lengths, two roof heights, four body lengths, and up to 17 tie-downs.

The Driver’s Suspension Seat Gives You the Position You Desire

The reason truck drivers can sit in their seats all day and handle the drive is the pneumatic suspension between the seat bottom and seat base of the driver’s seat. The ProMaster takes a page from this book and includes thissame seat that will keep you comfortable and ready to get things done when you’re out on the road. Deliver items to where you need to and keep your muscles and body fresh all day.

Features Offered in the Ram ProMaster

Select this van and you will have power windows, a rearview camera, a 180-amp alternator, air conditioning, an infotainment system, USB ports, an auxiliary port, and a four-speaker audio system. Safety comes from the traction and stability control, hill start assist, and crosswind assistance. You’ll love the large size of the cargo area that gives you room for everything you need to take with you.

Experience the Right Power for the Drive

You’ll have the capability you need in the Ram ProMaster which comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. This van brings you 280 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. Pull a trailer, carry a heavy load, and let this big van help you have the feeling you want when you’re out on the road trying to get yourjob done.

Where can you find this impressive work van? Head over to your local Ram dealer and ask them to assist you in finding the van that will help you with the job you need to complete every day. They will show you the Ram ProMaster and you can fit it with the shelves and drawers needed to fit your tools and get things done.

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