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The Jeep CJ Surge Could be the First of a New Wave of Retromod Vehicles from Stellantis


The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) recently held its annual show bringing together manufacturers and buyers in one of the largest automotive trade events. In only the first day, the vehicles shown at SEMA proved to be the best new concepts automakers can offer. One of the most important was the Jeep CJ Surge, which brings retromods, electric vehicle improvements, and Stellantis’ manufacturing advancement into the spotlight.

What about the CJ Surge makes it stand out, and when could we see it at Jeep dealers worldwide now that its concept model has been released?

SEMA’s Show and Mopar’s Three New Vehicles

On the first day of SEMA’s show, Mopar -Stellantis’ OEM accessory division -revealed three new concept vehicles.

The Ram 1500 Backcountry X, the TRX Gold Shot, and the Jeep CJ Surge. Of the three, the most interesting was the CJ Surge, the first electric retromod introduced by Mopar. It sparked a lot of interest and questions about Jeep’s future.

But what is a retromod, and why is it important that the CJ Surge is one?

What does Retromod Mean?

Retromod is a combination of two other words: restoration and modification. It means taking an older car that you restore to brand new condition and then adding some important modifications or improvements.

The old CJ7 model was restored for the CJ Surge, and the power was modified by replacing its internal combustion engine with an electric battery. This way, classic car lovers can get the body they enjoy with the power source Stellantis has switched to.

Retromods have been around for years, but only recently have they been fully electric. The Jeep CJ Surge could be just the first of many classics returning to Jeep dealers as electric retromods with the help of Mopar.


Ram 1500 TRX Gold Shot Concept

Everything We Know About the Jeep CJ Surge

According to Mark Bosanac, the North American senior vice president of Mopar service, parts, and customer care, “The Jeep CJ Surge concept explores a future zero-emission propulsion system kit and supports the Jeep brand’s mission to become the leading electrified SUV brand in the world.”

The CJ Surge has a 400-volt 200-kW electric drive module with a 24-module Li-ion battery supporting it. This extra-large battery is protected by the big silver box behind the passenger seats where the trunk is normally found.

It also has a Wrangler JK center console and shifter knob where a Jeep would normally have a manual transmission, giving you a high-tech transmission system in a classic Jeep vehicle.

When Will We See It at Jeep Dealers?

Unfortunately, that’s one of the answers we don’t have just yet. The good news, though, is that SEMA’s trade show doesn’t end until November 4th -which means there’s still time to see the CJ Surge in person and get an announcement of when it’s supposed to be available at Jeep dealer locations around the country.

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