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Buick Encore GX: Refine Your Routine

If you’re looking for a small SUV that’s more upscale than a Subaru Crosstrek or Hyundai Kona, but an Audi or Mercedes is out of your price range, the Buick Encore GX hits that sweet spot right in the middle.

For less than $30k, Buick gives you a leather-appointed interior and a power moonroof so you can enjoy those sultry summer evenings in luxury. The Essence trim also upgrades you to a premium Bose audio system, giving concert-quality sound to your playlists and making it sound like your audiobook narrator is sitting right next to you in the passenger seat.

Get Today’s Technology…Today!

Speaking of technology, the Encore GX is as modern as they come. While most competitors offer wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability as premium options—if they offer it at all—it comes standard in the GX. You and your passengers also have plenty of charging options available, with USB ports distributed throughout the cabin and wireless charging available in the center console.

Buick also includes an impressively long list of safety and driver assistance tech, including an available 360-degree camera system and digital rear-view mirror. These modern features earned the Encore GX top safety ratings from NHTSA and IIHS.

The Encore to the Encore

One thing we should point out before we move on: the Encore GX isn’t one of the Encore trim levels. It’s actually a separate SUV that bears the Encore badge. As things stand right now, Buick is selling both the Encore and Encore GX, so don’t get confused when you visit your Buick dealer.

The Encore GX is actually much larger and more luxurious than its predecessor. Folks riding in the front and back seats are going to have lots of room to stretch out. Plus, there’s 23.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seat, so there’s plenty of space for people AND gear. And folding the rear seats more than doubles your storage capacity.

Where the two SUVs are very similar is in comfort and quiet. Both come with Buick’s innovative QuietTuning technology that lets you have conversations using your inside voice (or just kick back and enjoy the silence). And both offer seating that’s built to keep bodies of all shapes and sizes cradled in softness and support. This Encore GX is a dream ride on road trips.

A Boost of Confidence All Year Round

Front-wheel drive with StabiliTrak is standard on the Encore GX. But for those of you who can’t face winter commuting without all-wheel drive, you’re in luck. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have a small SUV with the agility to handle winding highways and downtown parking garages (not to mention it’s super easy to park).

And its spry 1.3L engine and continuous variable transmission team up to deliver the boost you need to handle slow drivers on the freeway while achieving up to 32 MPG. And don’t we all have things we’d rather spend our hard-earned cash on instead of handing over to Big Oil?

Future You Will Thank You

If the Buick Encore GX isn’t already on your list of small SUVs to test drive, it should be. It’s spacious and sophisticated and transitions seamlessly from daily driver to weekend adventure. Future You will be very happy that you chose the Encore GX.

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