Driving the Right Way

Driving the Right Way

Driving the Right Way

What do you want to have waiting for you in the driveway when you need to get to work on a daily basis? Would you like to have a car that sits at the top of the range for the vehicle and for the brand? Do you want to have more comfort qualities and driving dynamics that make the car feel like a serious luxury model for you to drive? If these are things that are important to you, the Buick brand may be where you want to shop in order to find what you’re looking for. Buick is among one of many brands we’ve seen begin to bring us something more with what’s being called a sub-brand. This new sub-brand for Buick is called Avenir, which is French for “future” and the goal is to take the premium Buick name to a luxury level for the drive. This is similar to shopping for the Denali models from GMC which can also be considered as sub-brand for the drive with the rugged models that have luxury items for your drive which can give you the smooth comfort you’re looking for when you head out on the road.

The Avenir Names You’ll Love

So far, Buick has been able to add the extra luxury treatments to a pair of models to wear the Avenir badging for the drive you’ll love to enjoy. The first was the Buick Enclave, which is the largest SUV in the brand’s lineup to give you an upscale driving performance and features you’ll want when you take a ride. The newest model to be offered alongside the new Enclave Avenir is the LaCrosse Avenir which is a large sedan that is heading to dealerships early this year to become a level for this sedan you’re sure to admire and enjoy.When you take a look at the new LaCrosse Avenir you’ll see special touches, unique styling cues, an extremely long list of standard features, and premium materials for the comfort you want to have inside the cabin of this impressive model. This sedan is easy to see with extra chrome on the grill, the custom 19-inch wheels, and the Avenir badges all around. You can ride on 20-inch wheels as an option if you want a bit more and you’ll have the pleasure of the Bose sound system and a panoramic moonroof to name a couple of the interior items you’ll have for your drive. There will be more Avenir models offered across the lineup, but starting with the largest two vehicles in the lineup makes perfect sense when trying to offer impressive and incredible luxury items in the flagship models for each area of the automotive market. We can look forward to the treatments already offered in the other models as we go forward, but if you want to have the vehicle in your driveway that has more of what you want for the drive, you need to visit your nearby Buick dealership and take a look at these two Avenir models today.

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