Will You be Driving the Buick Enclave?

Will You be Driving the Buick Enclave?

The largest of the Buick vehicles offered is the Buick Enclave. This SUV is part of the midsize class and it brings you the quality feeling and drive that you want in a premium SUV. You’ll have a package of great features, three-rows of comfortable seats, and a variety of amazing features at different trim levels to give you the experience you want on the road. Let’s take a look and see if the Buick Enclave will be the right SUV for you to drive.

The Negative Side

The Buick Enclave has Only Average Fuel Economy

When you’re looking at the Buick Enclave, you’re only going to find one engine option to give you the power you’re looking for. This means you’re stuck with the limitations, cost, and lack of fuel mileage associated with this single engine. This is certainly something Buick could improve upon to give you more in the Enclave.

The Interior Quality isn’t Exactly what You Expect

Some of the lower trims of the Buick Enclave aren’t equipped with the interior quality and comfort that you want when you take a drive. Although the comfort is impressive, it might not be what you expect in a premium SUV. When compared to models in the mainstream class, the Enclave is head-and-shoulders above them, but when you put it against luxury models, it’s not quite there.

The Buick Enclave is an Expensive Choice

Because we try to categorize vehicles as either mainstream or luxury its hard to understand what it means to have one that falls in between them. The Buick Enclave can be great to drive, but you might think of it as too expensive when you’re looking at it compared to models from more common brands in the market.

The Positive Look

The Ride is Comfortable

Take the Buick Enclave out for a drive and let the smooth and comfortable feeling you want to be offered to you in the Enclave. This SUV has the suspension and qualities you’re looking for to make sure you have a drive you’ll be pleased to experience every day. You’ll also enjoy the quiet cabin and the noise reduction that’s part of what the Enclave has to offer.

Standard Technology offered in the Buick Enclave

You’ll find a variety of technology items to make sure you can have the features you’re looking for to ensure you have a great drive. Get connected to the infotainment system, use the climate control features, let your passengers hook up to the in-car Wi-Fi, and know that you’ll have the feeling you want to enjoy with the connection that makes sense to you. Once you step inside the Enclave you can see what this SUV has to offer.

You’ll Find a Variety of Great Safety Features

Not only will you be comfortable when you drive the Buick Enclave, but you’ll also enjoy the fact that this SUV makes you feel safe and secure when you take a drive. This SUV will keep an eye on things and help you stay where you need to in your lane or let you know that another vehicle is coming up in the lane next to you.

The Engine has Great Balance

You might not know that an unbalanced engine can cause you to have a feeling that makes the vehicle shake and be uncomfortable during your drive. You won’t have to know this when you’re looking at the Buick Enclave and you won’t need to. This SUV has a balanced engine that can give you the feeling you want when you’re out driving this SUV on the road.

The Buick Enclave has Intelligent AWD for Your Drive

The addition of AWD is an option that will give you the traction and feeling you want on the road in the Buick Enclave. This SUV has an intelligent system that senses with the AWD system is necessary and activates it accordingly. If you don’t want to have this system, you can have the option of full-time FWD, but you’ll be missing out on a great system.

Experience the Cargo Area of this SUV

Take a look at the large amount of cargo space this midsize SUV has to offer behind the third row. Stuff as much gear as you want in this area and know that you can take all the stuff you need to with you during your drive. Fold the rear seats down and open the cabin to more cargo room where you’ll enjoy taking larger items on the road.

Power-Folding Features in the Buick Enclave

If you choose the Buick Enclave you can have the benefits of a power liftgate as part of the standard package and have the upgrade of the optional power-folding seats in the rear. These power items make it much easier for you to enjoy the quality and the Enclave and know that you can enjoy the convenience of an SUV that can carry everything you need to.

Use the MyBuick App

You can take advantage of several features offered through your smartphone with the myBuick App. This feature allows you to have the remote access you want to enjoy, the reports you’re looking for, and the information you need when you’re ready to get in and enjoy this SUV. Use this app to keep informed about what the Buick Enclave can do for you when you own this impressive vehicle.

Choose the Buick Enclave Avenir Trim

The top trim level of the Buick Enclave offers you the Avenir name and it’s a trim that certainly reaches luxury levels for your drive. You’ll be pleased with how much stuff comes in this model to give you the comfort, quality, technology, and drive that you’re looking for. As the high-end trim, you’ll be pleased with how close to luxury this version of the Enclave can be for you.

Visit your local Buick dealer and see how impressive the Enclave can be for you to drive. This SUV is the right one for you and your family to feel comfortable and have the drive you desire.

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