5 Changes in the 2022 Chevy Silverado Improve the Interior

5 Changes in the 2022 Chevy Silverado Improve the Interior

The latest version of the Chevy Silverado delivers on the promise of being a modern and upscale truck for you.

The changes you’ll find for the cabin of this truck begin at the LT trim where you can see all of the modern qualities you’re looking for. Of course, if you want to experience everything that’s changed about this truck, you’ll have to reach up to the High Country trim. When you do, you’ll see the improvements that take the Silverado from a work truck to a luxury performer on the roads and trails.

A New Theme Presents Itself

The older version of the Silverado brought a ton of round surfaces that were outdated and obsolete. The aluminum accents aren’t present any longer either. The changes made give way to the new style and theme that you’ll admire when you’re behind the wheel. The new look gives you a truck that’s midcentury modern and gives you a timeless quality that could feel right at home on a large luxury cruise ship and not just in your truck.

Does this mean there aren’t any plastic surfaces any longer? No, not at all. In fact, some of the visible plastics allow you to view the luxurious High Country trim as one that can still give you the drive you want when you need to go to the job site or bring home a load of landscaping materials to help you get things done. Although you can find some plastics, they are offset by open-pore wood which gives the interior an incredible appearance that offers you a style that’s a far-cry from the 2021 version.

The Gear Shifter has Moved

If you’re a Chevy traditionalist it will take a little while to get used to where the gear shift is located. The Chevy Silverado now has a center-mounted gear selector, the same as other trucks have as well. Just because GM is the last to the market with something doesn’t mean they didn’t do a great job designing the item This new gear shifter is easy to use and fits in your palm extremely well.

Don’t reach for the steering stalk to change from park to drive, the selector is located in the center console area. This item is easy for you to grip in the palm of your hand. All you’ve got to do is press the butt and slide the selector forward or backward to select the gears. These items often cut into the center console storage space but Chevy did a great job with this item. You’ll find large cubbies, storage pads, and cupholders where you expect them to be when you step inside this truck. This is one interior item you’re sure to admire and enjoy.

The Silverado Can Come with Super Cruise

If you thought it would be years before the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system would make its way from the Cadillac brand down to Chevrolet you’d be wrong. The High Country trim of the Chevy Silverado can be had with Super Cruise, which means you can enjoy the benefits of this hands-free driving feature when you want to head out for a great drive.

You’ll notice this excellent advanced feature with an LED lighting strip along the top of the steering wheel. This light shows up in various colors to let you know the status of the system during your drive. Green means the system is activated and working for you. There’s also a small screen that watches your eyes to make sure your staying alert to the road. If you aren’t paying attention you’ll receive a warning and the Super Cruise will turn off. This gives you the best of two aspects of driving by ensuring you continue to watch the road and know what’s going on.

Chevy Includes a Pair of Impressive Screens

Infotainment and gauge screens have grown and become much more dynamic than ever before. Even though Chevrolet is a mainstream brand, the importance of excellent screens in the Silverado is present and alive in this truck. The infotainment displace is 13.4-inches and offers touchscreen controls needed to enjoy Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The housing is piano black and looks like it stretches across most of the dashboard to the center of the vehicle.

In front of the driver is a 12.3-inch digital instrument display. This screen is configurable and offers a sleek style that makes it look and feel modern and advanced. You might not expect to see these two screens in the Silverado, which is often thought of as a basic work truck, but they are present. You don’t need to choose the High Country trim to have both of them. Enjoy the readings, information, and entertainment provides by the two screens that make it easier for you to experience a safe and comfortable drive on any road and trail in the Chevy Silverado.

You’ll Still Find the Buttons You Need in the Silverado

To offer clean lines and minimalistic styling most automakers have done away with buttons and knobs in favor of controls built into the screens. Because the Silverado is a work truck at heart, drivers might be wearing work gloves and need to push buttons instead of fumbling around with difficult screen icons meant for ungloved fingers. This truck continues to have the buttons you need so you can easily reach the controls and change things that you want during your drive.

The various physical buttons and dials are places sensibly to make sure you can easily understand what you need to when you get behind the wheel and take a drive. The knobs have a rubberized texture for an easier grip, making it easy for you to make changes when you need to.

Will You Drive the Chevy Silverado?

Are the new interior upgrades right for you to take this truck home and enjoy the drive you want every day? The Chevy Silverado is an excellent choice with an upgraded interior area starting at the LT trim and working your way upward. Whether you admire the hands-free driving of Super Cruise, the buttons for controls, the new screens, the overall improved theme, or the new placement of the gear selector, this truck is easy for you to drive and enjoy. Get comfortable and get your work done with the 2022 version of the Silverado.

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