Dealer's Journal Jeep,SUVs & Crossover Vehicles Say Goodbye to the Gas Station Squeegee With Jeep’s New Windshield Wipers

Say Goodbye to the Gas Station Squeegee With Jeep’s New Windshield Wipers

Say Goodbye to the Gas Station Squeegee With Jeep's New Windshield Wipers

One of the worst feelings you can have when driving is when your wipers don’t do the job. Jeep has created a new set of windshield wipers, unlike any others.

Not only could you have a hard time seeing in the rain and snow if your wipers don’t work, but when you take a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator out on the trails, the mud and much can quickly get on your windshield and cause some serious problems. Thankfully, the Jeep Performance Parts team has come up with a solution.

What’s the Problem With Traditional Wipers?

When you engage your wipers, they wipe away most of what’s on your windshield, but often, there are streaks and smears left behind. We depend on these items to work at clearing rain and snow without the help of wiper fluid, but that might be exactly what’s needed. If you press for the fluid to spray, the nozzles spray it on the windshield, and then you have to watch the wipers push this fluid around. There has to be a much better way to get a clear view of what’s happening in front of your vehicle.

The Specialized Jeep Product

The team at Jeep Performance Parts created a set of windshield wipers that fit the 2018 and newer models of the Wrangler and Gladiator. These wipers have 12 laser-cut holes in each blade. These holes allow the washer fluid to come out of them while the blade is moving. This system works so well that Jeep claims dirt and debris can be removed with only one stroke. If you’ve ever spent a few minutes and several strokes waiting for bugs to be scraped off your windshield, you can imagine just how impressive this claim is.

How Do These Parts Fit on the Wrangler and Gladiator

To use these special wipers, you have to disable the washer nozzles on your Jeep. These new wipers use less washer fluid than spraying it on the window, which makes them more efficient and effective at the same time. This change could be enough to make driving in the rain or spending time out on the trails a lot better for you. We don’t yet know if these new wipers will become a standard item on these Jeep vehicles, but they can be added to any model of the Wrangler or Gladiator in the current generation.

What Else Does the Jeep Wrangler Bring to the Table?

The Jeep Wrangler has been and continues to be the pinnacle of off-road driving in the auto market. This SUV can tackle any obstacle and go where other vehicles can’t. The Wrangler has become the symbol of a special off-road lifestyle for those that love to adventure into the wilderness to have a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a great way to get off the paved roads and explore, you can’t go wrong with the Wrangler.

Can You Enjoy the Drive?

If you’re driving to the trailhead, where you’ll try and tackle some of the toughest terrain in your area, you should be extremely excited. The Jeep Wrangler offers a short body on a short wheelbase with solid axles. This setup might feel like a dinosaur just entered the automotive market, but it’s worked for the past 80 years and could work for 80 more. The body-on-frame construction translates to a rough ride on the road, but a vehicle that handles the trails with relative ease. You’ll love the way the Wrangler takes on the wilderness, especially if you add more items, including the specialized Jeep windshield wipers.

Forget Interior Comfort, This is a No-Frills SUV

The fact that Jeep sticks to a plan that began before World War II is pretty amazing. The cabin area o the Wrangler is made to be basic and washable, with items that give you the right level of ruggedness and comfort at the same time. Moving up to the Rubicon trim does give you some upscale items, including leather upholstery, but that doesn’t change the feeling of this SUV. There’s 31.7 cubic feet of cargo in the rear when you fold the rear seats down, which is a preferred way to take this SUV out on the trails. Get ready for some fun and hang onto the handle that gives you a grip when you’re being tossed about on the trails.

So Many Great Things About this Jeep

When it comes to off-road capability, the Wrangler is unmatched. This amazing SUV gives you the credibility desired when you join your local Jeep club. If you have the Rubicon model, you’ve got a heavy-duty steel bumper on the front that can handle a winch and give you even more capability where you need it, out on the trails.

What Does a Basic Wrangler Offer?

The Sport trim is the base trim, and it’s deliberately sparse. This SUV is made for rough terrain with very little on the list of features. You’ll find a set of 17-inch steel wheels, manual windows/locks, manual side mirrors, fog lights, two front tow hooks, one rear tow hook, and cloth upholstery. The safety list is small, with a rearview camera, traction control, and stability control. All of your infotainment happens on a small 5-inch screen, but you do have eight speakers and a USB port. Most likely, if you buy this model, you’ll have a few aftermarket items that can be added to the mix.

Does the 2023 Wrangler Offer Anything Special?

Yes, for the 2023 model year, the Jeep Wrangler has two new colors and a special Freedom Package. The Freedom Package gives you military emblems and a few upgrades that honor our troops and make this SUV even more capable. The two new colors are Earl and Reign. Earl is a grayish color, and Reign, which is only offered for a limited time, is a purple color. Add the special Jeep windshield wipers to the mix, and you’ve got the off-road SUV you want to drive that also allows you to see where you’re going at all times.

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