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Guide To The Best Types Of Marketing For Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Marketing

There was a time when marketing your auto repair shop was a fairly simple job. You could attract people with a unique design for your shop and possibly run some commercials on local TV or radio stations.

Times have changed. More people are watching their shows on their phones or laptops via streaming services. Investing in TV or radio commercials could become a sunk cost. Instead, you need to embrace the new technology to bring in new customers.

We’re going to answer the question  “What is the best marketing for an auto repair shop?” so that you don’t have to type it into a search engine.

Local SEO For Auto Repair Shops

Instead of using the Yellow Pages, people go to Google to find what they are looking for when it comes to finding the best restaurants, the news, and also where they could find auto repair shops. That’s why it’s important to think about what auto repair inquiries they might have and have your copy on your website reflect that. This is using Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

If you are not internet-savvy, it might be a good idea to use Google yourself to see if there are auto repair shop marketers out there. Yes. They are out there. Those companies will have SEO-savvy copywriters do the text for your site. That way, they could frame things in a way that would get the attention of both the Google algorithm and your potential local customers.

For example, they could have text on the site that says you are a Boston-based auto repair shop that specializes in fixing certain models of cars. You could also explain the types of repairs that you do.

Attract Younger Consumers With Social Media Marketing

Social media has gone from being considered a fad that would quickly fade to be replaced by the next “big thing” to being an integral part of marketing for businesses of all sizes. Don’t think of it as being something that only kids and tweens use to show themselves doing the latest dance craze. There are a lot of adults out there who use it to find things to buy or local resources.

One thing you could do is to get targeted ads on sites like Facebook. You can be remarkably specific when it comes to who you want to see a particular ad. Suppose you wanted to target auto owners that fall into a certain age range and have specific models of cars … you could have those ads reach only those people. That would increase your chances of getting new customers.

Another thing you could do is make videos on sites like YouTube. Do you have any people that work at your auto repair shop that are comfortable in front of cameras? They could do a series of videos where they explain issues like common car problems that will require a professional to fix or they could even have videos where they answer questions that viewers send in. Show people the inner workings of cars by lifting some hoods and explaining what possible damage they could inadvertently be doing to their vehicles. It would be an excellent way to expand your range not only locally but in surrounding areas.

Try other sites like Instagram, Tik Tok, or Twitter. These all present opportunities to talk with your customers and show yourselves to be human beings that are willing to answer questions about any auto repair topics. Social media will remain entrenched in society for the foreseeable future and it’s important to use all the best marketing tools available at all times.

Build A Community That Markets Your Business For You

Besides those two things, you can do things like partnering up with a local body shop, running specials for first-time customers, and also get involved in your community – like sponsoring a booth at a local fair or a Little League team, sending your customers gifts like a calendar or birthday cards or even inexpensive things like tire gauges branded with your shop’s name on them. Consider creating a loyalty program. There are many different ways that you can get your name and attract customers.

All of this also depends on where you have your auto repair shop set up. Are you in a busy city where there is a lot of other competition or are you in a suburb or even a rural area where you could be one of the only nearby choices for the locals for repairs?

It’s a brand-new era for marketing. There are a lot of ways to get your auto repair shop’s name out there … and some of them can be done by apps on your smartphones. By harnessing that with the other methods, you can greatly improve your chances of success and have a steady flow of customers.

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