Dealer's Journal Acura,EVs + Hybrids,SUVs & Crossover Vehicles 2024 Acura ZDX: A Familiar Name Takes a Bold Leap into Electric Vehicles

2024 Acura ZDX: A Familiar Name Takes a Bold Leap into Electric Vehicles

2024 Acura ZDX: A Familiar Name Takes a Bold Leap into Electric Vehicles

The first Acura EV is the 2024 ZDX which wears a familiar name. The original ZDX was a departure from the buttoned-up Acura personality, and so is the new EV.

Although the original ZDX was a unique vehicle, bringing a coupe-style SUV to this mild-luxury brand, this new EV isn’t nearly as much of a moonshot in this market. The electrified ZDX is ready to enter the market as the first EV wearing the Acura name. This impressive new model is a crossover SUV, which makes it the right vehicle at the right time, considering the EV market continues it expansion with new models.

The right model debuts

We used to see base models of vehicles appear first but that has changed. The purpose in offering the most affordable versions first was to drum up the volume sales, but most automakers have found that showcasing more powerful and sporty vehicles first makes more sense. The ZDX will first appear in its Type S garb offering ample performance with up to 500 horsepower from a dual-motor layout. The driving range for this Acura SUV is estimated to be 288 miles, but it could be more if Acura adopts larger battery packs.

The second version appearing will be the base A-Spec model. We don’t often see Acura vehicles in the A-Spec trim as the base models, but that’s no longer the case. This A-Spec version will make 350 horsepower with driving range improving to 325 miles for the single-motor version and 315 miles for a dual-motor setup. If you opt for the single-motor version of the Acura ZDX, its setup with RWD, offering a sporty vibe to give you the excitement expected of the A-Spec name.

Sporty additions make this Acura SUV more fun

Acura brings refinement and a balanced ride to the new ZDX with a suspension that includes a front and rear multilink setup. The A-Spec models use coil springs and passive adaptive dampers but the Type S includes an impressive height-adjustable air suspension with electronically controlled active dampers. We expect the ZDX to offer multiple drive modes, some of which are tuned for performance driving and fun.

Although the suspension delivers impressive performance qualities, that’s not where the fun ends. The Type S model also receives a set of six-piston front Brembo brakes that clamp onto large 15.6-inch front rotors. The A-Spec model uses 12.6-inch rotors and both SUVs have the same size rear brakes. The A-Spec trim rides on a set of 20-inch wheels while the Type S brins an upgraded package of 22-inch wheels to the drive. When you choose the Type S you’ll enjoy gloss black wheels instead of machine-finish wheels.

Have we seen this Acura EV before?

The new Acura ZDX offers styling that’s pretty close to the Precision EV Concept that appeared on stages only a year ago. This closeness was expected when the Precision cross the stages; Honda typically offers its production cars in a way that puts them close the concept versions. A few elements changed from the concept model and the new electric ZDX doesn’t bring the coupe-style we saw in the first version of this SUV.

Where did the electric platform come from?

Honda and Acura realized they were behind the proverbial curve when it comes to electric vehicle development. The new ZDX rides on GM’s Ultium battery platform, which means Honda partnered with GM to share this platform and ensure its brands could enter the EV market. The Ultium platform allows the A-Spec RWD model to add 81 miles of driving range to the batteries in as little as ten minutes. This is a little slower than other Ultium vehicles, but still faster than some other models in the market.

Can you find the charger in time?

In addition to being a sporty, impressive, and fun electric SUV, the new Acura ZDX has a tailored Google Maps navigation system to provide location information for the next EV charger and how long to charge your EV to handle your road trip. Acura still uses both Apple and Android systems, which is a departure from GM, which is adopting full Google integration, leaving Apple behind.

While charging your Acura ZDX at a charging station, you can listen to music coming to you through the 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system. While driving, you’ll be glad to enjoy the new “Hands Free Cruise” system included in the new AcuraWatch 360+ system. This is Acura’s first hands-free driving system, offering 400,000 miles of mapped roads. If you think its another adoption of a GM product, you’d be right.

Can the new Acura ZDX be the right electric SUV for you to drive? It will be available at Acura dealers soon; take one for a test drive and see for yourself.

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