Dealer's Journal EVs + Hybrids,Honda,SUVs & Crossover Vehicles Unveiling the Prologue: Honda’s Latest Game-changer in the Electric Vehicle Market

Unveiling the Prologue: Honda’s Latest Game-changer in the Electric Vehicle Market

Unveiling the Prologue: Honda’s Latest Game-changer in the Electric Vehicle Market

The new Honda Prologue should be a redeeming model for Honda. It’s last entry in the electric vehicle world wasn’t quite as well received.

After the failure of the Honda Clarity EV, it became apparent to Honda that assistance in the electric vehicle market was necessary. In order to bring the Prologue to the market with a respectable driving range and plenty of power, Honda partnered with General Motors to utilize the Ultium EV platform. Now we have the first Honda SUV at the right time, with ample driving range to make it an excellent choice when it’s time to take a drive.

Have GM and Honda collaborated in the past?

If you remember the Isuzu name, you might also remember that this brand offered a full lineup of vehicles as a result of GM and Honda collaborating together. As the brand was dissolved, several models transformed and became Honda vehicles, but the success of Isuzu proved that Honda and GM could work together. Now, we have a joint effort to bring an electric SUV to the market wearing the Honda name while riding on the GM Ultium platform. This new Prologue should offer good power and driving range to be competitive in an ever-growing electric SUV market.

Honda design elements are part of the mix

Although the new Honda Prologue rides on the same platform as the new Chevy Blazer EV, Honda has given its SUV brand recognition with proper interior styling. This makes sense since the Prologue will be sold as a Honda and not a GM product. Looking across the dashboard, steering wheel, and at the tech package, you see elements that come directly from the Honda design and development team.

The Prologue’s dashboard features an 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. This screen is large enough for the modern market without being garish and overdone. The instrument cluster features digitized elements, bringing this area into the future with true Honda elements.

Some of the tech elements of the new Prologue include built-in Google, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, enabling drivers to seamlessly connect a smartphone to the infotainment system. The connected device can play clear and impressive music through the Bose audio system, which will likely be offered on the higher trims but not the base model.

The seating in the Prologue is comfortable and well-designed, resembling the elements found in the Honda Civic. This means most shoppers looking at the new Prologue EV will enjoy a comfortable and familiar driving experience in this new electric SUV.

How much power will the Prologue offer?

The new Honda Prologue shares its powertrain and platform with the Chevy Equinox EV and Blazer EV. We expect the Prologue to have power figures that resemble the Equinox to start with. This means the new Honda EV will offer either a single-motor FWD or a dual-motor AWD layout. The AWD version should be good for 288 horsepower, while the FWD model could make up to 210 horsepower. So far, Honda hasn’t released power figures, which means all we can do is speculate.

Will this Honda EV drive far enough?

The new standard for adequate driving range in an EV seems to be 300 miles. Thankfully, the FWD Prologue is expected to reach this mark, but the dual-motor version might only hit 280 miles of driving range. Recharging the Prologue battery can be done quickly at a DC fast-charger, which can set a max rate of 155 kW to the battery pack of this new Honda SUV.

Larger than the CR-V

Honda built the Prologue to be more comfortable and spacious than the CR-V. The cabin should be roomier to start with because the lack of an engine leaves more room for the cabin. The wheelbase of this new EV is 8.0 inches longer than the CR-V and 5.0 inches wider as well. This should translate into a more planted stance and a roomier cabin. In addition to more passenger space, we’re expecting the Prologue to have more cargo room than the popular CR-V.

Will this be the first of many Honda EVs?

Honda isn’t only working with GM to develop electric vehicles. They also have a partnership with Sony to build some EV technology, and Honda is working on its own brand of electric batteries for future models. We can expect more EVs wearing the Honda name with the GM Ultium platform powering the ride. The total figures are as much a mystery as the actual power figures for the new 2024 Honda Prologue.
Will this new Honda EV SUV become the first of many EVs you drive and enjoy?

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