Dealer's Journal Ford,SUVs,SUVs & Crossover Vehicles Ford is Giving Back Through Their Bronco Wild Fund

Ford is Giving Back Through Their Bronco Wild Fund

Ford is Giving Back Through Their Bronco Wild Fund

The Ford Bronco has become a symbol of adventure and a commitment to preserving our natural world. Inspired by the epic return of this iconic vehicle, the Bronco Wild Fund was established to ensure that our public lands remain protected and accessible for future generations. If you’re searching for a used Ford Bronco for sale, know that each purchase contributes to a cause dedicated to environmental sustainability and outdoor exploration.

Bronco Wild Fund

At the heart of the Bronco Wild Fund lies a deep respect for our environment. The fund’s mission is to sustain public lands and connect people with nature in responsible ways. Every new Bronco SUV sale includes a contribution to this cause, making it an integral part of Ford’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Collaborating for a Greener Future

The Bronco Wild Fund partners with esteemed organizations that share a dedication to preserving our natural resources. Through grants, scholarships, and contributions, the fund supports initiatives that promote the health and accessibility of public lands. The extensive Ford dealer network also plays a crucial role in these efforts, ensuring widespread support and participation. So, when you find a used Ford Bronco for sale, you’re not just purchasing an SUV but supporting a network of environmental advocates.

Driving Change: The Grant Program

One of the Bronco Wild Fund’s initiatives is its Grant Program. This program has awarded over $1.6 million in grants to projects that enhance access to and maintenance of our country’s natural resources. These grants highlight the fund’s dedication to impactful change.

Adventure with a Purpose: Wildly Wyoming

The Bronco Wild Fund’s commitment to adventure and conservation was showcased in the “Wildly Wyoming” challenge. This border-to-border adventure saw three Bronco ambassador teams traversing the state, awarding $20,000 grants to outdoor nonprofits along the way. The challenge culminated with an additional $10,000 grant to the winning team’s chosen organization.

Impact and Outreach

The Bronco Wild Fund doesn’t just work behind the scenes; it actively engages with the community through various initiatives and reports. Regular updates on the fund’s activities and achievements keep supporters informed and involved. This transparency shows Ford’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As you search for a used Ford Bronco for sale, it’s encouraging to see how each Bronco on the road contributes to these ongoing efforts.

Continuing the Legacy

The Bronco Wild Fund exemplifies how a beloved vehicle can drive positive change. By purchasing a used Ford Bronco for sale near you, you contribute to a mission that respects and preserves our public lands. This fund ensures that the spirit of adventure shown by the Ford Bronco continues to inspire and protect the environment for future generations. Join this mission, and let your journey in a Bronco be a journey towards a better world.

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