DMC Lamborghini Edizione GT

The famous Batmobile from any version of the Batman series whether on the big screen or on television has always been a car that many envied for all its cool gadgets and toys. As the care developed from an almost cartoon appearing version in the old Batman TV series starring Adam West to the more stylish and functional version in the Batman movies and finally the model that showed up in the Dark Knight series that was as sinister and arrogant as the Caped Crusader himself, this car has been one of legend.

For anyone who ever wanted to drive the Batmobile that experience will never come to fruition, but for a select few who can afford a DMC Lamborghini Edizione GT, the experience can be a lot closer to that reality than any other vehicle. Starting with a base model, if it can be called that, the Aventador the Edizione GT shows up with a series of body molding features and the signature wing doors that make the car appear to be ready to take flight. The front face along leaves so little to the imagination with a low to the ground scoop and airflow features that have been shaped and molded to give the front a truly menacing appearance that will have any and every eye turn to look.

Across the top a double wing of air flow and aerodynamics is aboard for precise driving performance along with some serious visual appeal that makes the car look as fast as it actually is. Finishing the overly done look in the rear are some body moldings under the rear end that complement the front end perfectly and finish off the look, far be it for a Lamborghini to not be overdone and make a full statement of performance and power.

DMC Lamborghini Edizione GT Black

What’s really cool about all these added features to that turn the boring old Aventador, (yeah right) into the Edizione GT can be printed and produced using a 3D printer. Not everyone has access to this, but Lamborghini can help and by doing this owners can have their Aventodor turned into a machine that looks like it just jumped off the movie or television screen.

As I said in the title, this car should have been the Batmobile and those who want a driving experience similar to one in the Batmobile, without all the cool gadgets and transforming abilities of course, would be hard pressed to find another car that even comes close. With sleek low and sloping lines all around the car along with the overly impressive and sinister looking body moldings that can be added the DMC Lamborghini Edizione GT is a car that will keep onlookers dreaming and allow anyone who is lucky enough to own one to have the bragging rights in their neighborhood with a car in their garage that is more than capable of giving big screen editions of the Batmobile a run for its money. Maybe movie makers should consider this car for the next villain in the Batman series of movies; you know there will be more.