BMW i3 REx

When the BMW i3 REx was released, so much emphasis was placed on the German manufacturer’s ability to increase the range of an electric vehicle to make it more practical for consumers. The technology was considered ground-breaking and the hype machine started calling it the revolutionary vehicle that would make electric vehicles hit the mainstream.

Very few people talked about the aesthetics of the strange little vehicle. Is it us or is it not a very attractive vehicle? When compared to the Tesla or Volt, some would say it’s bold or ambitious or futuristic, but we simply think it’s a little too weird. Since we’re not buying one any time soon, we’ll leave the distinction up to you. What do you think? Hot or not?

BMW i3 REx Doors

BMW i3 REx Driving

BMW i3 REx Front View

BMW i3 REx Front

BMW i3 REx Rear