01.06.17 - Maserati Levante

For the past several years the top sports car and exotic brands have learned the can have impressive success when they build SUVs and have them to offer the market. Porsche brought us the Cayenne and it quickly was the best-selling vehicle for the brand and Jaguar is hoping they’ll have the same success with their new F-Pace. Bugatti has gotten in on the action and now we see that Maserati has the new Levante for us to enjoy the ride in a vehicle that’s perfect for us to have. Here are some items you should know when you consider the purchase of a new Levante.

Unique – You won’t lose this SUV in a parking lot because it’s probably the only one there that looks like it. This gorgeous SUV has the blend of features and materials to make it a vehicle that’s exceptional to look at from any angle. This SUV has a long hood and a stance that lets you know it’s ready to perform like a sports car. You’ll see a familiar look up front with the gorgeous grill that offers you a look you’ve come to know and love on many other trident models.

Familiar- How does an SUV become both unique and familiar at the same time? This SUV has some of the same features that you find in other FCA models. Yes, you can see some of the same items in this vehicle as you find in your Dodge or Jeep model to give you a look that’s a blend of the most elegant and sophisticated materials that are mixed with the items you already know and love. This just might be a genius way to have a vehicle feel special and yet feel like something you’ve seen and loved before.

Amazing Drive – Because FCA has many brands under its umbrella the technology sharing can be important. This SUV uses a strong Ferrari engine that is capable of making it easier for you to hit sixty mph in less than 5.7 seconds than in any other SUV that you’ve even had before. The balance of the weight is a perfect 50/50 split between the front and the rear to give you the feeling you want on the road. This SUV offers you the control you want and the power you’ve bene looking for to be a sharp sports car built SUV.

Not an Off-Roader – This SUV isn’t made to be driven on the trails or out in the wilderness at all. This SUV is a vehicle that’s never expected to leave the roadways in your area and is really a sports car that’s built on an SUV platform. Let this vehicle be what it’s made to be. You get more space and more power than you’ll have on most other vehicles while enjoying an energetic and amazing powertrain with an interior full of great materials and features to give you the drive you want to love.

Speaking of the Interior – The Maserati Levante interior is one of the most perfectly built cabins on the entire automotive market. You’ll love the way this SUV offers you the leather seats that are done in a shade of red that invites you to take a ride. Offsetting this is the black stitching you want to be able to admire on a daily basis . You’ll be impressed by the added benefit of the metals and the soft comfort of the materials and surfaces that give you one of the best ways to take a ride even if it’s only to run the daily errands you need to do.