The Next Golf Will be Even Better

The next golf will be even better

One of the most beloved cars on the road today is the Volkswagen Golf. This car has become a favorite for a lot of reasons and it continues to be a car that we want to drive and enjoy on the road on a daily basis. With several versions of this car to choose from its an easy choice to find the Golf that fits into your lifestyle and makes its way to be one of the models you want to enjoy, but Volkswagen has announced it will have a new Golf for us soon and it will be even better.

The next version of the Golf will ride on the new lightweight MQB platform which means the models we see will be lighter by up to 150 pounds than they are now. There will be a new look and feel to the car but it should retain much of what we love about it in its fun and compact style that makes it a great choice on the road. This new model will arrive sometime between the 2019 and 2020 model years to be ready to head out and provide us with the performance we want.

One upgrade that has been announced is the new self-parking system which could be used. The new look may resemble the Gen. E research vehicle in its shape and you can expect to see more advanced electronics as standard fare. The cabin is expected to grow to increase the cargo capacity of the vehicle and we will see a standard digital instrument cluster, a head-up display that will be an option and gesture controls that can be used to control the infotainment system. These will make the Golf become a car that’s certainly in line with modern models offered on the market already.

When it comes to performance and drivability of this car, the models that give us the adrenaline rush will be improved as well. The GTI is expected to receive a power bump to 250 horsepower while the R will see an increase as well and offer as much as 350 ponies from under the hood. This will seriously improve the level of fun and excitement we’ll have when it comes to this new Golf and the impressive platform it rides on. There may even be a new e-Golf in the future that is the Gen. E research vehicle come to the production line.

We should expect to see the next generation of the Golf offered sometime in the next year to give us a look at what it could be when we start to head out on the road. If you’re looking for the next way to have an engaging ride in one of the most beloved vehicles from VW, this new Golf will certainly fit the bill. As we get closer to the debut of this car we’ll see what the new Golf becomes and how it will continue to be what we’re looking for. It appears VW is doing it the right way to make sure we’ll have the drive and performance we want in this little car.

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