A Seriously Fast Car

Nissan GT-R, a seriously fast car

The thought of what the Pikes Peak challenge brings to the racing circuit is typically a test of agility while attempting to push any limits of speed that can be pushed as racers wind their way up the mountain and back down again. This challenging course can test just about any car and make it difficult to handle the climb. Many cars have attempted this climb and failed while others have been successful and shown off their agility and ability at one of the most impressive locations on the planet where the racing happens.

What we don’t always associate with the Pikes Peak racing weekend is drag strip style racing that can show off what a car can do in a straight line as it head down a track to show off the speed it has to offer. While not as well-known as the Hill Climb portion of the weekend, the Pikes Peak Airstrip offers an elevated location where cars can test their speed and see what they can do at this high level above the sea. There have been plenty of great racers that have attempted to make this run in order to offer a great way to set a variety of records.

English Racing brought a car to this airstrip that has been tuned up to the level of making nearly 3,000 horsepower which allows it to be an impressively fast car. The goal for this heavily tuned up Nissan was to eclipse the speed record set at this event previously by a Lamborghini Huracan that made the run only a month ago while reaching a top speed of 250.2 mph on this airstrip where the run was fast and the fun was impressive for this car to run across the line.

Typically the Nissan GT- R isn’t a car that is able to enter the same class as the Huracan although this particular one has been tuned up heavily. During the video you see below, this car is first able to beat its own track speed record of 244 mph which was set at a previous event. During this first run the car experiences a flat tire when the chutes deploy, but that seems to be all the damage that’s done to the car and it was made ready to race on this half-mile long airstrip once again when the next morning arrived.

During the morning run for the GT-R the driver is able to push this car to an amazing speed of 255.53 mph which eclipsed not only its own previous record but also the record of the Huracan. This was a great way for this car to show off the tuning ability of English Racing and what this little high powered sports car could do out on the track . Check out the video below and enjoy a great look at this car, its drive and the racing done to set these two records on consecutive days at the airstrip.


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