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The Newest Roush Mustang Could be the Bigger, Badder P-51B

Mustangs have a cult following for a good reason – they’re reliable, long-lasting, and fun to drive. It’s a big deal every time a new Mustang enters the market, and part of that is because of Roush Performance – a company known for making high-performance components for racing.

They’ve worked with Ford to make Mustangs more than once, and they might be doing it again—new photos from Motortrend and Ford Authority in 2022 show there could be a new Roush Mustang for sale in 2023.

The New 2023 Roush

Spy photos from automotive news outlets in late 2022 showed Jack Roush, founder of Roush Performance, standing next to a shiny silver Mustang with P-51B on the rear near the gas tank. It’s a Mustang we’ve never seen before on the market, likely custom-made for Roush himself. On the heels of a July 2022 Twitter announcement by Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley, this was an exciting find.

This new Mustang has many classic features of the P-51 Mustangs, with some improvements to the exterior that would excite any Mustang lover for what could lurk under the hood. But before we can talk about what specs this new Roush Mustang for sale could have, we have to talk about the legacy of Roush Mustangs it would be a part of.

The Roush P-51 Mustang Legacy

The first P-51 Mustangs were made just before 2010 and featured a supercharged V8 that caused a retuning trend to sweep through pony cars in America. Only 51 were made, hence the P-51 name. Another P-51 Mustang model was introduced in 2017 with a supercharged V8 Coyote engine—once more with only 51 units made. Then a Jack Roush Edition model Mustang was created in 2020 ahead of the official Stage 3 Roush Mustangs sold beginning in 2021.


Now, on the heels of the success of the Stage 3 Ford Mustangs, we have the P-51B – at least, we hope to have it soon. So when we do finally see the Roush Mustang P-51B in showrooms, what can we expect it to be able to do, performance-wise? There are a lot of potential answers here. Let’s go over some of them.

Ford’s Newest Mustang Features and Specs

Roush Mustangs from the past had between 500 and over 700 horsepower, supercharged V8 engines, manual and automatic transmission options, and enough Ford-backed creature comforts to make drive for hours in comfortable seating with the top down. According to Ford’s website, the most recently released Mustang has the highest horsepower yet with a 5.0L V8 Coyote engine and features like Drift Brake for track use.

We couldn’t hope for better in a new Roush Mustang this year. Check back with your local Ford dealer or through the Ford website to find out when the new Roush Mustang is for sale!

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