Change Your Brakes

Change Your Brakes

Do you hear that screeching noise coming from your wheels? Do you know what it means? It means you need to change your brakes because the pads have become worn to the point of needing to be replaced. For the most part, there are only a few consumable items in your vehicle that you typically have to be concerned with. Tires, fluids, and brakes are at the top of this list and you won’t have to change your brakes very often, but this can become a bit of a costly fix if you have someone else do it for you.

When the loud noises begin to sound off from your wheels you need to heed this as the time to start to find a place to take your vehicle to fix your brakes. This warning means you have some pad level left but that the indicator is now rubbing on the rotors that your brakes grab to stop the car. This indicator is a hard metal piece that makes the noise you hear which is metal rubbing on metal. This item can dig into your rotor and cause enough damage that you not only have to change your brake pads but you also have to replace the rotors.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to go ahead and change the brake pads on your vehicle you’re going to find this is not an inexpensive process at all. Brake pads aren’t overly expensive and if your rotors are still in good shape you won’t need to have them turned or buy new ones, which makes you wonder why it costs so much to have your brakes changed by a professional. If you think this is something you want to try and do yourself, you certainly can.

The ability to work on your vehicle and be able to do some simple things like changing your oil, rotating your tires and replacing your brake pads can save you money if you do these things yourself. These activities can also help you to become more in tune with what’s going on in your vehicle and understand how it works and see warning signs when things happen. This is an advantage you can have when you spend your weekends under the hood for a couple hours at a time and see when things might go wrong before they do.

In order to replace your own brakes, you do need to have the right tools and the ability to get things put together the right way once you’ve taken them apart. There are some tools that are important to use and a few tips you need, but you can save yourself the cost of labor on the job by doing it yourself and have the satisfaction of knowing how to get the job done. Regardless of the type of brakes you have, the two videos below can show you how to get the job done the right way so that you can have confidence in your work and a new set of brake pads to stop your vehicle.

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Disc Brakes –

Drum Brakes –


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