Dealer's Journal BMW,Industry Leaked Early but Already Heavily Discussed

Leaked Early but Already Heavily Discussed

Leaked Early but Already Heavily Discussed

One of the most recognizable vehicles from BMW is the X3. This small crossover SUV is one that offers us the dynamic driving we want in a vehicle that can carve up the curves while bringing us more headroom and cargo capacity than we might expect in this new or used SUV. This is a vehicle we’ve been looking forward to for its arrival, but it seems someone didn’t share all the information ahead of time and the official website in Hong Kong revealed photos of this new crossover SUV a few days earlier than it was supposed to.

At this point, the leak doesn’t really matter. Even with the new look of updated and more sinister headlights, larger air inlets and a forward appearance that will make you stand back; the new X3 is highly recognizable. Let this new give you an idea of what you can have and how much you’ll be able to enjoy the drive in a vehicle that makes a lot of sense on the road when you see what else has been added to the X3 to make it a BMW that is active and ready for some adventures.

The new X3 appears to be riding on the new CLAR platform and it will be offered with several powertrain options which are fairly normal for what BMW likes to bring to the market. We expect to see turbocharged four and six-liter engines that will displace at 2.0 and 3.0-liters to make sure you have the ability to have the power and efficiency you’re after. These engines will most likely be attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission and be set up in the base models in RWD. There will be the option of the xDrive AWD system that can be had as well.

You know that when a new BMW comes to the market, the M Division must get involved and we wouldn’t expect anything less. This version will be the M40i for the new X3 and it will be offered as the top trim level. The expectation is that this version will use an inline six-cylinder engine and be tuned up to give you as much as 360 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque in order to be the right one for you to drive and enjoy out on the road. With this trim level, you may be able to reach sixty mph in as little as 4.8 seconds and enjoy the top speed of 155 mph.

While we don’t have the specifics of the hybrid trim that will be offered, we can certainly expect that will be in the works moving forward. The new X3 may have a hybrid M Sport model that can be set as a higher trim than the M40i, but we don’t have those numbers just yet. There will be two diesel trims but those will likely not make their way across the pond to the US, leaving us out of the diesel market once again.

Even though the Hong Kong website leaked this information early, it’s certainly the information we wanted to have for the new BMW X3 and what it will offer us as we check it out and have it on the market in the future. This new small crossover from BMW is going to give us a feeling of even more athletic luxury than before and allow us to enjoy excellent fuel mileage across the board for this impressive and adventurous SUV. Before the X3 makes its way to dealers, we should learn more about it and what it will be for us when we’re ready for the vehicle that fits our lifestyle and gives us a great drive.

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