The expectations we had for what the new Ford Ranger would offer as it arrived at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show may have been left a little short. The thought that Ford would bring a midsize truck back to the market that has all the same features and qualities as what it offered prior to its departure from the market is one that leaves little for the Ford team to be able to grow and develop this truck as a true competitor in the midsize truck market. With that in mind, we can take a step back and see exactly why this truck is one that offers us exactly what we want for the drive that we have. There is a lot to build on with the new Ranger as we can see in the video below. Thankfully, Ford knew the discerning expectations we have for the trucks they produceand brought us a Ranger that would be capable of giving us more of what we want versus what this truck is in the global markets of the world. Let’s take a look at what the new Ranger offered as it crossed the stage.

Looking at the Ranger

One thing you should notice when you see this new midsize truck is the fact that this truck has body panels that have been improved and tweaked in order to give us a better fit for the way they mesh together. The overall aerodynamics have been improved to enhance efficiency as well with the hood and tailgate being made of aluminum to help make sure this truck was able to shed unwanted pounds. These comparisons have to do with what this new Ranger is compared to the one that’s offered in other markets of the world.Another unique aspect of this new version of the Ford Ranger is the fact that frame-mounted steel bumpers are being used to make sure this truck can be offered to perform the way you want. This new version of the Ranger will be offered in both the SuperCab and SuperCrew models with no regular cab offering. The power used to make this truck drive comes from a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that is mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission to ensure you have the drive you need when you take this truck out on the roads and trails you want to enjoy.The expectation for the future is that we will see more engines offered, possibly a Raptor version which is already being offered in foreign markets, and more configurations that will eventually be part of what the new Ranger will offer. There’s no doubt the Ford team has plenty of room to improve this truck and make it one that will give us more of what we’re looking for when it has a full complement of items for the enjoyment on the road, but right now, as it reenters the North American market, we’re going to have this version of the truck for the work and the fun we want in the Ranger.

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