More for the Second Generation in the Audi Q5

More for the Second Generation in the Audi Q5

In the middle of the Audi SUV lineup is the Q5. This SUV is one that brings you a smooth drive, elegant styling, and exceptional technology.

This SUV has more power, better efficiency, and even more of the smart tech that you want when you get out on the road. You’re going to be impressed with what the Q5 offers and if you want to have a performance model with a sporty feeling, you can move up to the SQ5 and make it the model that has the ability to excite you on the road.

Small Luxury Features Make the Audi Q5 Right for You

If you don’t want to drive a massive SUV, but you want to experience a full package of features that can make a difference for you when you head out on the road, the Audi Q5 is the right choice for you. This SUV brings you standard Quattro AWD, a long list of safety features that help you avoid an accident, and the connectivity that you’re looking for. Turn heads in your neighborhood when you bring your new Q5 home to be the model you love to show off today.

New in the Wrapper

The Audi Q5 is updated for the current model year to enter its second generation. Because of this, the Q5 feels as if it’s a new model that’s packaged perfectly for you. This new model receives increases that you’ll love, offers you a new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, more room inside, and a long list of standard items that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, the Audi pre-sense safety system, and more. Check out the SQ5 and see just how impressive and sporty this version of the SUV can be on the road.

The Audi Q5 is Fun to Drive

You can have all the beauty, style, and safety you want, but if the SUV you drive doesn’t offer an element of fun, what’s the point? The Audi Q5 has a premium sound system that brings you 16 speakers that offer up to 755 watts of sound for the ride. This SUV can even give you a chance to enjoy your old CD collection that’s likely been collecting dust since the previous decade. Check out this sound system from Bang & Olufsen and see just how much fun it is for you.

Roomy Luxury Quality You Want

There’s room to move around in the Audi Q5, but it’s also small enough to fit everywhere. This makes the Audi Q5 one of the most impressive and perfect choices you can make when it’s time to choose a luxury SUV to enjoy. Take a drive, experience what it offers, and see your nearby Audi dealership today. You’re going to be glad you stopped by to let this SUV show you what it can have for you so that you can enjoy the drive more than you have in the past several years.

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