Midsize Luxury Perfection

Cadillac CTS

You’ll find a lot to choose from in the midsize luxury sedan class. This area of the market is packed with engaging quality, aggressive style.
One vehicle in the class that does an amazing job of standing out from the crowd to be a car you can truly admire and enjoy out on the roads is the Cadillac CTS. This impressive sedan is offered for you at a price that’s hard to beat with the characteristics that will put a smile on your face when you head out on the road.

If you think you need to have a European or Japanese vehicle in order to experience the luxury you want, think again. The Cadillac CTS surpasses them all and brings you a long list of models that can offer you the drive you’re looking for. From the base model that has an efficient engine to the track-ready and active CTS-V, you’re going to love what you find in this incredible sedan. At one time the CTS was the flagship sedan for Cadillac, and the brand hasn’t reduced the qualities that made it a leader before the CT6 arrived on the scene.

What Driving the CTS Means

As you look at the 2018 model of the Cadillac CTS you’ll see a car that’s largely the same as the previous model year. This car has a new color, and an optional panoramic sunroof for all models while the V-Sport models now have the option for an automatic heated steering wheel. Otherwise, you’re going to have the same car as before with the Cadillac Magnetic Ride Control that can offer you the ride you want whether you’re driving on the roads in your area or have taken this car out on the track.
When you take a look at what the CTS has in the cabin, you’re going to see a long list of qualities that make it easy for you to enjoy the luxury. This car offers you the CUE infotainment system which comes equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity to make sure you can enjoy the ride and the music you love. There’s also a system in place that can monitor the driving habits of your teenage drivers when you let them take your luxury vehicle out for the day to enjoy what it has to offer.
The quality and perfection that make up the 2018 version of the Cadillac CTS can allow you to experience a drive you want and the performance you need. Take a look at this incredible car at your nearby Cadillac dealer and you’ll be ready to take it out on the road for a drive. This is a car that not only rivals the luxury names you know but surpasses them in many ways. Choose the right model for you and start to experience what it’s like to have an amazing luxury car to drive.

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