When You Want a Quality Ride, Choose the Ford Edge

You don’t have to spend the money to have a luxury vehicle when you want a great drive and you don’t have to choose a full-size SUV either. The right choice for you can be the Ford Edge which is an attractive and impressive midsize SUV that offers you plenty of room for the comfort you’re looking for. This SUV is offered in a variety of ways to make sure you can choose the trim that’s right for you with the equipment you want to enjoy when you drive.

When You Want More; These are Right for You

2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 Engine

The new Ford Edge ST is a model that brings you an impressive level of power and performance for the drive you want to enjoy on the road. This SUV has 335 horsepower coming from this engine and it makes use of an upgraded suspension to make sure you can have the driving experience you’re looking for on the road.

Sync 3 Infotainment System

The evolution of the Sync 3 infotainment system makes the Ford Edge an SUV that you’re sure to admire and enjoy when you drive. This system brings you the connectivity you want to see your smartphone apps and icons on the screen when you use the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto function. You’ll also be able to connect via Alexa when you choose the Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge has a Number of Standard Items

Ford Co-Pilot360

In the automotive market we live in, we want to have more assistance features for the drive and the Ford Co-Pilot360 offers us a number of them. This package of features includes forward collision mitigation, emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assistance, and automatic high beams. These items will help you stay safe in the Ford Edge.

Hands-Free Liftgate

You don’t want to put items down just to open the rear of the Ford Edge and when you choose the SEL or higher trim, the hands-free liftgate comes standard. All you have to do is wave your foot under the rear of the Ford Edge and the liftgate will open up for you. This is an extremely convenient feature that will help you load and unload the rear of the vehicle.

Upgrades to the Ford Edge You Want to Drive

More Comfort for Your Edge

If you choose the Ford ST, you’ll enjoy the option of heated and cooled rear seats that can be added to the package that has these seats up front as well. This means everyone that rides along in the Ford Edge will be comfortable and enjoy the right temperature. Feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter when you take this SUV for a drive.

A Higher-Quality Sound System

The upgraded audio system for the Ford Edge is a 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen system that’s a premium model that can turn the Edge into a concert hall and allow you to hear what you want when you drive. Listen to the beautiful music that you love to enjoy when you’re behind the wheel of the Ford Edge.