The Toyota Racing Development Team Took Over

The Toyota Racing Development Team Took Over

There’s no danger of the Toyota Racing Development team taking over and running the entire company, they did have a day made to show off.

When you have an area of your company that has the singular job of creating more powerful and more aggressive forms of the vehicles that you produce, you run the risk of the A-Type personalities taking over, even for a short time.

It was TRD Takeover Day

The TRD team was honored by the Toyota brand with a TRD Takeover Day which was shared on the Twitter page of the company. There are several videos in place to give you a look at what the team was able to enjoy and the fun that the team was able to experience at the track. There was a pair of cars this team took a drive in that you can recognize in the videos and enjoy which can be cars that you might get to drive in the near future and will be ready for you to see when you check out the page on Twitter.

What are You Going to See?

When the Los Angeles Auto Show arrives at the end of the month we’re going to be shown a new Camry TRD and a new Avalon TRD which are both shown in the videos that you’ll view on Twitter. Unfortunately, we don’t get to have the specs of these cars until the show arrives, but the cars were put through their paces by the Toyota-sponsored NASCAR personalities that gave them a thorough racing test on the track to give you the look you want and a drive you can imagine yourself making in the future.

Racing Ready Toyota Sedans

The two sedans from Toyota are offered with red trimming, jutting front splitters, aggressive side sill extensions, Toyota Racing Development badging, black multi-spoke rims, and low-profile rubber. The Camry shows off a multi-level wing on the trunk, a prominent rear diffuser, and twin exhaust ports at the corners. The Avalon has a decklid spoiler, a bit more restrained rear edge, and more. Inside, the Camry features red stitching on the dash and seats to give you the look you want to enjoy when you drive.

Getting the Drive You Want

The team that was making the ride around the track in these two sedans included NASCAR Champion Martin Truex, Jr, Kyle Busch, and Hailie Deegan. Also part of the group that came to drive this car was Fox commentator Jamie Little. This group was ready to take to the track in these sedans and offer an excellent ride that you could enjoy when you want to head to the track to see what these cars can do when it’s time for a great ride. Once you see these videos on Twitter, you’re going to be ready to choose one of these sedans after you see the specs at the LA Auto Show.

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