Dealer's Journal Kia The Future of Kia: Kia’s 2030 Roadmap

The Future of Kia: Kia’s 2030 Roadmap

The Future of Kia: Kia's 2030 Roadmap

Kia has a roadmap to 2030 and that path includes ways for the company to become a leader in sustainable mobility as the solution provider.

This new 2030 Roadmap tossed out a lot of buzzwords and played on the fun of alliteration to give us some idea of what this company plans for the future. A big part of the corporate vision is supported by three pillars which are people, planet, and profit. If this is the order of importance, we will see a company that truly cars about its customers and provides the world with the right vehicles to drive.

Continuing to Play on the Numbers

There are four key business targets for Kia to achieve by the end of the decade. These items are part of the roadmap to success for this brand. These four core business plans include:

  • Annual sales of 1.2 million BEV models
  • 4 million annual vehicle sales by 2030 with 2 million eco-friendly models sold
  • Expanding connected car features and autonomous driving technology
  • Become the top brand for purpose-built vehicles

This plan was rolled out in 2020, which gives the Kia team a full decade to get these things where they want them to be.

The Movement is Under Way

Kia has already begun this full-scale change with a new corporate vision, logo, product design, and strategy. The accelerated transition to future business model helps the company become more customer-centric and work toward this transformation. During this first couple of years, the Kia team has led the way with more electric vehicles wearing the brand badge than any other brand in the market. This was achieved while this company recorded its highest ever gross revenue and profit levels. The idea is to keep this positive movement going to keep the path working toward the end of the decade.

Four Million isn’t a Stretch

Its only 2022 and Kia already shows a pace to reach annual global sales of 3.15 million models. This growth has come at a rapid pace that should continue to be well over 4 million models when the end of the decade arrives. This increase is only a 27 percent increase over the next eight years, which should be achievable. These sales numbers have to be the cornerstone of the Kia 2030 roadmap to success.

The Eco-Friendly Growth Presents a Different Challenge

Part of the overall sales growth includes a change of the eco-friendly models in the Kia lineup to rise from 17 percent to 52 percent by 2030. This growth comes with the change to the lineup that includes many additional BEVs, PHEVs, and hybrid vehicles. The focus is to bring most of these vehicles to the markets that have the strictest environmental regulations. This means starting with Korea, North America, Europe, and China. These are also the markets where most of the Kia vehicles are sold around the world. These markets should account for 78 percent of the eco-friendly car sales for Kia by 2030.

The EV Growth to 14

Continued movement in the Kia 2030 roadmap is to have 14 BEV models offered by 2027. This allows Kia to solidify its already strong position as a global leader in the EV market. The way to get to this point is to launch at least two new electric vehicles per year starting in 2023 until a full-line of 14 models is achieved in 2027. Some of these will be electric pick trucks and some new entry-level models that use only electric power for the fuel to drive these vehicles down the road.

Here Comes the Kia EV9

A compact crossover electric SUV is already in the market, wearing the name Kia EV6, but a flagship model is on the horizon. The new Kia EV9 arrives in 2023 to be a large SUV that delivers the drive and size desired. This new Kia could reach into luxury markets with ease. This new model will receive OTA updates that allow customers to purchase the software desired to improve the functions of the vehicle systems. The autonomous driving model will be called AutoMode, giving you the driving technology to give you some driving when you take your hands off the wheel.

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