Dealer's Journal Ford Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 Infotainment System: What to Know

Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 Infotainment System: What to Know

Ford Ranger's SYNC 4 Infotainment System What to Know

Automakers are no longer just focusing on power and performance. These days, tech improvements, including infotainment systems, are a key component of any vehicle. What once used to be a luxury add-on is now a standard feature for most vehicles. Today, we’ll take a look at one infotainment system causing quite a buzz, the Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 Infotainment System.

Let’s take a look at how the Ford Ranger truck implements its latest rollout and what drivers can look forward to.

Ford SYNC 4 Offers Huge Improvements

Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 infotainment system is built upon Ford’s SYNC 3 and features some impressive improvements that drivers across the globe are welcoming with open arms.

Right off the bat, drivers will notice the changes with the larger size of the infotainment system. Mimicking Tesla’s massive screen, the standard size on the Ford Ranger is an impressive 10.1-inch vertical disciple. Drivers will be able to opt for the bigger 12-inch vertical screen in the turbocharged V6 diesel model.

Along with the bigger screen, enhancements in voice control, software updates, and overall user experience are the main components highly anticipated in the Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 infotainment system. With more processing power, Ford’s SYNC 4 is twice as fast as its predecessor. It’s highly responsive without any lag and allows you to have a greater range of control.

Improved User Experience

Using the Ford’s SYNC 4 is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly and builds off of what already works. Ford sticks with the graphics interface used in the SYNC 3 system and builds upon it. Because of the screen’s impressive size, drivers can look forward to features including split-screen capability, which allow you to navigate as you control other vehicle systems.

There is no home screen but rather a “smart hub” style instrument cluster that remains on the bottom dock. Along with the main infotainment screen, drivers will find a digital instrument cluster behind the wheel that allows them to stay in the loop without having to constantly look at the main screen.

Ford has leaned into AI territory by allowing SYNC 4 to understand your navigation habits. It can learn about frequently visited destinations, the stations you like to listen to, and other habits unique to you. As the system adapts to your routine, you’ll get that personalized sense of having a navigation system that is well-tailored to you.

Ford’s SYNC 4 Improves Upon Connectivity

There is a range of connectivity options with Ford’s SYNC 4. 4G LTE connection allows you to keep tabs on traffic, gas station locations, and other navigation features as you drive. Updates take place over the air, so you never have to stop at your dealership to get the latest software feature.

Compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allows you to connect wirelessly with your smartphone and experience superb audio as you drive. Your Ford Ranger’s hotspot will offer even greater connectivity for your passengers as you drive.

Connectivity is also enhanced in the improved voice recognition of Ford’s SYNC 4. The voice command system is more “conversational,” as Ford describes. The updated voice commands require simpler statements than the previous infotainment system allowing you to get better feedback each time you use the voice commands.

Is the Ford Ranger’s SYNC 4 Worth The Buzz

Yes. Ford has shown that bigger can be done right. Although the new screen size is much larger than its predecessor’s 8-inch display, the user interface, experience, and operation of Ford’s SYNC 4 are not compromised. The infotainment system is highly anticipated and will be available in Ford’s 2022 Ranger lineup.

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