Look Out For the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of VW Golf R


A new version of the VW Golf R is coming out in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the hot-hatch R models. The VW Golf R 20 features more power from its 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine to the tune of 329 horsepower. The new version of the VW Golf R is currently a European model, but VW says a version of the new model will come to the USA as well.

VW Golf R 20

The new VW Golf R 20 features a newly-tuned engine that makes 329 horsepower, which is an increase of 14 horsepower versus the current engine available in the U.S. version of the car. Another feature is called Emotion Start. This is mainly an aesthetic feature that just makes more noise when you start the car by revving the engine to 2500 RPM. Other tweaks include the 20 badges on the car’s B-pillar, a new spoiler, blue trim for the wheels and seats, and lights that project the 20 R badge onto the ground. The first Golf R was the R32, which was based on the two-door MK 4 hatch. This car featured a 3.2-liter naturally aspirated VR6 engine. The next MK 5 R32 model also used the six-cylinder engine, but the next MK models from 6 to 8 have used the current turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder.

VW Golf R vs. GTI


For buyers looking at performance versions of the VW Golf, the Golf R and GTI are the two models to compare. The rest of the Golf models are no longer available in the North American lineup. The Golf GTI is the model with more iconic heritage, but the Golf R features AWD and has been around for a healthy 20 years. Both the VW Golf R and the GTI have the same four-cylinder turbocharged engine. In terms of appearance, the most noticeable thing is that the GTI features stylish fog lights on the grille-bumper area, while the Golf R’s bumper is blacked out with no lights. From the back, the Golf R features two twin tailpipes, while the GTI has two single tailpipes.

The GTI comes in a few different versions with the highest model being the Performance model. The Golf R comes in only one version that starts at $44,995. In terms of power, the GTI offers 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. The Golf R has quite a bit more with 315 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Which To Choose?

If you can’t wait for the U.S. version of the VW Golf R 20, then the current Golf R 20 definitely has a lot to offer in the power and performance area. The AWD feature is nice to have as well. However, as mentioned above, the Golf R only comes in one version and your only real mechanical choice is between a manual or DSG transmission. If you’re on a budget, the starting price of the base GTI is a lot more palatable at $32,895.

VW says that the Golf R 20 should be out in the North American market a few months after it’s released in Europe. However, the model is likely to be somewhat different from the European one.

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