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Revolutionary Qualities of the New Ram Electric Truck

Revolutionary Qualities of the New Ram Electric Truck

The future Ram electric truck is on the way. Ram is the last of the Detroit Big Three to offer an EV pickup, but it could be the most revolutionary model yet.

What do you do when you’ve got one of the most advanced electronic and futuristic vehicles in the market? You bring that vehicle to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This was the setting for the unveiling of the future Ram 1500 EV truck. All features shown in the concept model won’t make it to production, but most of them will, which makes this a pretty cool truck.

Let’s check out some of the revolutionary qualities of this new Ram electric truck.

Four-wheel steering comes to the half-ton market

GMC changed the game in the EV truck world with the Hummer EV and its 10 degrees of rear-wheel articulation in the Crab Walk Mode. Ram takes things further with the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV, which should have 15 degrees of rear wheel turn for more maneuverability out on the trails. This could be an amazing feature for drivers pulling trailers and towing heavy loads with this impressive electric pickup.

Interior configurations are individualized

The cabin area of the new Ram electric truck is called the “one-space environment.” This means several different interior configurations are offered to allow for greater flexibility and comfort for every person inside the cabin. The concept model featured third-row jump seats, which might not be the most useful items, but this added benefit means a truck with a cargo area in the cabin behind the second-row seat. This is certainly something different and unexpected in a pickup truck.

The new Ram electric pickup offers Level 3+ autonomous driving

Several new vehicles are heading to market with the benefits of hands-free driving on some roads. The new Ram truck includes Level 3+ autonomous driving. This means the system uses driver assistance systems and AI to drive without human intervention. Of course, this also means a human driver needs to be present in case they need to take over where the truck isn’t getting the job done. This feature is the first time we see the hands-free operation in a Ram vehicle.

Fast charging just got even faster

This new Ram electric truck is being built on the new Stellantis STLA Frame body-on-frame architecture. This platform is specifically made for full-size EVs, which gives us the idea that other EV models will arrive from Stellantis using this platform soon. The battery pack of this platform supports 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350 kW. This means adding up to 100 miles of driving range in only 10 minutes which is pretty fast. Its faster than the Ford F-150 Lightning and has the same charging speed as the new Chevy Silverado EV.

Ram expects to redefine the pickup truck segment

Ram is immensely proud of this new electric pickup and has promised to be a leader in this new market. That might be a bold promise, but when you have a vehicle as cool as the new Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept, it’s easy to be confident that you can change the world. We don’t have solid performance figures, which will truly determine whether or not this new Ram truck will be a revolutionary model or not.

The modernized look is incredible

As expected for all new vehicles, the Ram EV offers a bold, dominant, and modernized look. The front grille features a massive RAM badge and animated LED lighting to make it easy to figure out what this amazing truck is and what to expect from it. The Led lights have been integrated into the front bumper, giving this truck the substantial look you expect. Around back, you’ll find similar treatments for the rear lights, making it easy to see this truck as It drives past. There’s nothing subtle about this new Ram truck.

This Ram is packed with tech

The concept model shown at CES 2023 offered an incredible array of tech items that make this truck one of the most advanced in the market. Not everything included in the concept will make it to the production version, but we certainly hope some items will arrive with the production model. One of the coolest new features is called Shadow Mode. This mode turns your truck into a giant puppy because it will follow you wherever you go.

The lower screen is extremely versatile

Not only can you change the display functions of the lower screen in the new Ram electric truck, but you can remove it and use the screen in different areas of the truck. This means it can be a tablet display for the passenger, a workstation in the bed of the truck, a vehicle controller, or a video game screen. The upper screen isn’t as versatile, but it offers the desired displays. This two-screen system ensures you’ve got the desired functionality when you take this truck out on the road.

Check out that roof

The concept version of this Ram EV showed up with an electro-chromatic roof that allows the passengers to control how much light comes in through the roof. This means the truck has a full glass roof that is controlled by an overhead console that makes it easy for each passenger to adjust the sunlight or night look to their desired settings. This feature might not make it to the production model, but it could be an option for the top trim level of this new EV pickup.

New doors allow massive access to the cabin

Call them rear-hinged or suicide doors, but call them cool in this truck. The Ram electric truck showed up at CES 2023 without b-pillars, which is revolutionary for this pickup truck. The rear doors are hinged at the rear, and this setup offers a massive area for access to the cab. Whether you need to load gear in the rear area or make it easy to get in and out, this setup is unique and ideal for entry and exit into this new truck.

Will these qualities and features all make it to the production version of the Ram electric truck? Probably not, but this truck has set the bar pretty high.

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