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Unveiling Tesla’s 7 Pointless Gimmicks That Inflate the Price Tag

Unveiling Tesla's 7 Pointless Gimmicks That Inflate the Price Tag

Although Tesla vehicles are known to be on the cutting edge of technology, some of the gimmicky features offered by Tesla mean absolutely nothing.

Before you put your Tesla Model S into the Celebration Mode, watch the space view on the screen during Ludicrous Mode, or bring your car out of a parking spot utilizing Summon Mode, think about the cost of these features. Is it necessary for your car to celebrate a milestone with you? Do you need to see the same scene that’s offered in Star Wars when ships go into lightspeed mode before launching off the line?

Here are some of the gimmicks from Tesla that mean nothing to your drive and only add more to the price of these electric vehicles.

1. Celebration Mode is Stupid

The Tesla Model X is the showiest of the Tesla vehicles for Celebration Mode, but that doesn’t make it useful or necessary. When the Model X is put into this mode, music plays, and the exterior lights dance to the music. That’s not all, it gets better. During the light show, the doors will open and close in celebration. This mode might be a bit fun, but it’s completely useless.

2. Ludicrous Mode Could Do Without the Light Show

When the Ludicrous Mode is engaged, the driver is about to embark on a journey of speed and power. This requires concentration, focus, and minimal distractions. Instead of providing a darkened screen, Tesla puts on another light show on the screen, showcasing the same views shown during Star Wars movies when ships went into lightspeed mode. This light display doesn’t do anything to help the driver handle the speed and power of Ludicrous Mode.

3. Summon Mode is Absolutely Unnecessary

Another gimmicky feature found in Tesla vehicles is the Summon Mode. Strangely several automakers have begun adding self-parking technology to modern vehicles that also allow the vehicles to unpark themselves from the spot. Until rules change and parking lots are made with spaces that are too small for most cars, Summon Mode is unnecessary. The only true purpose of this mode could be to allow a person suffering from mobility challenges to enter a vehicle in a regular parking spot instead.

4. Theater Mode is a Money Pit

The first part of this problem is the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Tesla vehicles. The second is the thought that many drivers will sit in their cars and watch a movie while the car is charging. Theater Mode allows you to watch content from streaming services on the large central screen, but it’s completely unnecessary and can become costly. Some drivers can’t overcome the desire to watch a movie on the screen while driving, which creates extra distractions that lead to accidents.

5. Who Needs a Drag Strip Mode?

Although Tesla proudly boasts that the Model S Plaid is the quickest production car in the world, most drivers do not need or desire Drag Strip Mode. This feature primes the battery and drive unit to the correct temperature for drag racing. If you’re using your Tesla for drag races, this mode could be useful, but it’s nothing but another gimmick from Tesla in most cases. Drag Strip Mode is another example of wasted time, money, and research. The battery and drive unit could be heated by simply driving around for a few minutes.

6. Caraoke is Another Problematic Distraction

Caraoke is the in-car Karaoke system in Tesla vehicles. While this feature sounds like fun, its application is a bit unnerving. If Tesla were to put a secondary screen in front of the passenger that shows the lyrics to songs in Karaoke fashion, that would be fine, but these lyrics appear on the main screen. How often do you think a driver will avoid reading the lyrics to songs while driving along?

7. Romance Mode…Really?

Although the romance of having a first date, or any date in a car, is a timeless tradition, Tesla certainly doesn’t need to get involved. Do you really want a company that thinks you need your car to celebrate with you to be involved in your romantic life? When you enable Romance Mode, an image of a fireplace appears on the screen with crackling noises. There’s also a romantic playlist that begins to play songs in the background. This might not be your view of what romance should be. Also, how many people are still having romantic dates in their cars these days? Romance Mode is another gimmick that’s completely unnecessary from Tesla.

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