Mitsubishi has Big Plans

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Big plans from a company that makes some of our favorite smaller and less expensive cars sounds like a great continuation of many years of fun to drive cars that are great on gas and easy to live with when it comes to the payment schedule.  Over the next several months Mitsubishi plans to reveal a refreshed and new lineup starting with the new Mirage G4 sedan.  This car was show in concept form in 2013 and is expected to make its way to the market very soon in order to help boost the already strong sales for Mitsubishi.

The Mirage hatchback has been a strong player already with 16,708 units sold in the US in 2014 and taking this little beauty and giving it a sedan to go with the hatchback will certainly allow it to be attractive to a wider audience than before.  By putting the Mirage into a sedan you will be able to gain a great little car that is perfect for the daily commute and makes sense to drive with the awesome gas mileage and low price.  This makes it much easier to see your savings account grow while you drive the small and sensible sedan or hatchback of the Mirage.

The Mirage is another one of the cars that makes a great choice for college students or young professionals who are starting out in life.  If your budget requires Ramen Noodles to be on your grocery list every week, the Mirage is one of the best choices for low price, low insurance costs and great fuel mileage to make sure you can continue to keep some change in your pockets and work your way upward toward a bright future.  While you are saving and budgeting, the Mirage will not disappoint you as it is a lot of fun to drive and gives you a sense of style while remaining affordable.

As for the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup the Lancer, Outlander Sport and Outlander will all be updated over the next serval months.  This will give us new looks and an entire new direction for Mitsubishi to enter a more modern era of the automotive industry.  Along with these changes the hybrid version of the Outlander should make its appearance as well, which has been long overdue and might be exactly the boost this brand needs to project itself even farther than it has already come.

Mitsubishi has been a brave player in the automotive world for the time it has been offered in the US and other markets.  Taking on giants such as Toyota and Nissan is no easy feat as we have seen with Suzuki packing its bags and going home and away from the US automotive market.  This new look and style for Mitsubishi should propel it into some highly profitable numbers and may just be the push needed to start offering new models to compete in several different areas of the automotive world to offer some of the best inexpensive vehicles we have seen.

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