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What’s the Better Buy: Canyon VS Colorado

What's the Better Buy: Canyon VS Colorado

You’ll have a hard time answering the question when you put the Canyon vs Colorado conversation on your list and try to find the differences.

Both the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are made by General Motors,and they share a platform. Whether you want to call the siblings, cousins, or simply family members is up to you, but the fact is simple; these two trucks are extremely similar.

Even with the similarities, you’re going to find somedifferences in more than just the trim names that are offered. What you find when you start to break down these two trucks is that each has its own personality and qualities that could make them right for you. The overall build and driving feeling mightbe the same, but you will see where they depart from each other when you peel away the skin and get into the layers of these two trucks.

A Difference in the Styling

Looking at these two trucks side by side, you’ll quickly notice the differences in the styling, which goes beyond the badge on the front of the truck. The Colorado brings you a sporty and rugged appearance that makes it feel like it’s made to handle the tough driving on some trails. The Canyon wears much more chrome and offers a luxury-oriented appearance.

That being said, the Canyon does bring you an adventurous trim that has a rugged look to it, but that is only one trim out of four. When you want an off-road version of the Colorado, you’ll select either the Z71 or ZR2,while theCanyon offers the AT4 for your off-road adventures.

When comparing the Canyon vs Colorado, you will see the Canyon Denali is offered as the luxury version of this truck, but the Colorado does not bring you a trim that looks or feels luxurious at all.

The Cabin Could Make a Huge Difference for You

What do you expect when you open the doors to either of these trucks? You should expect the Canyon to be more upscale and offer interior qualities that are a step above the Colorado. That is what you’regoing to find when you’re looking at these two trucks together. Of course, the Canyon reaches an area the Colorado just can’t go with the Denali model. Think of the Colorado as your plaid shirt made for work in the yard and the Canyon as the suit you’ll wear for your date on Friday night.

A Strange Lead for the Canyon

Because these trucks share a platform and powertrains, you would expect the Canyon vs Colorado conversation to have no difference in fuel mileage. The fact is, the Canyon will give you slightly better fuel mileage across the range. The reason for this is the Colorado ZR2 trim which is off-road-ready and more hardcore than anything you find in the Canyon. Otherwise, these two trucks give you exactly the same fuel mileage rating.

Off-Road Handling and Driving

With the GMC Canyon taking the lead with a higher-quality interior and slightly better fuel mileage, it’s time for the Chevrolet Colorado to show you what makes it special. Two off-road models are offered for the Colorado, and both do an amazing job on the trails. The Z71 Colorado is the equivalent of the AT4 Canyon model. That means the ZR2 takes things farther and gives you more off-road prowess for your drive. In fact, the Chevy Colorado is also offered in the ZR2 Bison model,which adds more aggressive off-road equipment to give you the best midsize truck for your trail driving.

You’ll Spend Less if You Drive the Chevy

Another expected difference when you’re putting the Canyon vs Colorado comparison together is the price you’ll pay. The Chevrolet Colorado starts at a lower base price of $25,200 versus the starting price of the GMC Canyon, which is $26,400. This difference will continue for two more trims, making the Colorado the value model for you. When you reach the top trims, the Canyon Denali does cost a little less than the Colorado ZR2, which might surprise you. It will be a decision you have to make whether or not to spend an additional $700 for the off-road items of the ZR2 Colorado.

The Bed Areas are the Same

Both of these trucks offer you the choice of either an Extended Cab model with a 6’ 2” bed and a Crew Cab version with a 5’ 2” bed. Both trucks have beds that are 44 inches wide to give you plenty of room for the stuff you need to take with you. You can have an EZ-Lift and Lower tailgate with either truck and enjoy a variety of upgraded cargo features when you visit your local dealership to purchase your GM-built truck.

Interior Features You Want for Your Drive

When you’re comparing the items you receive for the Canyon vs Colorado comparison, you’ll notice that both trucks give you the same electronics for your drive. You’ll have a seven-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a six-speaker audio system, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and two USB ports.

Upgraded trims bring you to an eight-inch touchscreen, a navigation system, a seven-speaker Bose audio system, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and HD Radio. Both trucks come with a standard rearview camera, Teen Driver, and a choice of upgrades that includes wireless device charging, keyless entry, and several safety items that can be enjoyed during your drive.

How can We Answer the Question?

Which truck is the better buy? Should you drive home in the Chevrolet Colorado or the GMC Canyon. If you’re looking for the least expensive base model, the Colorado is the right choice. When you want comfort and luxury items, the GMC Canyon is where you look. If you’re searching for off-road features, the Colorado gives you the most. If style is what you want and chrome is your weakness, the Canyon is waiting for you. It’s hard to decide which truck to choose, but now that you know more, you’ll be able to select the right truck for you.

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