5 Of The Craziest Off-Road Vehicles

Howe & Howe Ripsaw F4 EV1

Sometimes a typical ATV or off-road machine simply won’t cut it. That’s when you need to step it up to a mind-blowing option that can take on the biggest challenge. In fact, some of these machines are so crazy that you might not believe they exist.

Here are the top five craziest off-road vehicles available today, but keep in mind that these beasts aren’t meant for the faint of heart.

The Argo SHERP

Argo Sherpa XTV

The Argo SHERP isn’t just an ATV. This monster is meant to handle rough or even soggy terrain. What makes Argo SHERP stand out is its massive wheels. It has an onboard system that can inflate or deflate the tires, allowing you to travel through water, over rocks, across ice, and more. If there’s a place you need your ATV to take you, the Argo SHERP will get you there.

Earth Roamer

Earth Roamer RV

The Earth Roamer is like a regular RV on steroids. This vehicle starts with a Ford F-series pickup truck. It then gets upgraded to a powerful and luxurious off-road capable RV. Drivers can get everything from granite countertops to an HD TV to a king-size bed. While this camper will make you feel like you’re in first class, it can be outfitted with tons of off-road customizations like 41-inch military tires, off-road suspension, and front/rear electric winches.


Skyrunner Flying Car

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined an ATV with a fan boat? Throw in a dune buggy, and you have the SkyRunner. This marvel enhances the definition of “off-road” by allowing you to take to the sky, thanks to its paraglider. In the air, you’ll enjoy speeds up to 55 mph, which is only half of what it can do on the ground. There truly is no limit when you’re in a sky runner.


GIBBS Quadski

Did you just get your ATV on my jet ski, or did I get my jet ski on your ATV? The Quadski allows you to go straight from the dirt into the water and back on land again. With just the push of a button, you can retract the wheels and switch over to jet propulsion. On land or water, you can expect to hit speeds over 45 mph.

Extreme Vehicle One

The Extreme Vehicle One or EV1 is a new kind of off-road vehicle. Its platform is typically reserved for the military, but the EV1 is available for commercial use. It’s pretty much a light robotic tank that is piloted by a single person. Oh yeah, it can also be controlled remotely. There’s even a smaller version called the Mini Ripsaw that looks like an ATV took on tank tread to increase its capabilities.

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